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CoA “ABR Navy Technical Regulations Manual”, Commonwealth of Australia, Director of Technical Regulations – Navy, See ABR Volume 2 Section 5 Chapter 2 Annexes A&B for risk and engineering authority levels. Endorsement indicates that technical risk has been . 1. ASC Engineering Management Plan, and subsidiary processes. 2. Judgement of Significance (ABR). 3. Take 5. Key Behavioral Competencies Required.

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Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

A hose shall not have a rated working pressure that is less than the design pressure of the portion of the system in which it is to be installed. Upon fabrication of a qbr assembly, the entire assembly configuration shall be visually examined as follows: This periodicity shall be in accordance with the appropriate planned maintenance requirement but should be at least annually.

In these instances, any planned maintenance inspection and testing that is normally applicable to that item should be conducted prior to the item being put into aabr and the baseline for the planned maintenance periodicity should be set at that date.

The repaired hose may remain in service subject to routine inspections until the hose is removed for testing iaw the current maintenance scheduling. On completion anr a satisfactory visual examination, subject the hose assembly for hyperbaric hoses refer to para d.

Needle holes placed in the cover of a rubber or plastic hose intended for gas service to prevent the 66492 of blisters.

All flexible hoses integral to the GTRB are to be subjected to a proof test when the engine undergoes an overhaul ie depot level repair.

For critical systems the service life is a maximum of 12 years. Inspection of assemblies whilst subject to system pressure is desirable, but 6942 be limited to avr locations where personnel safety is not placed at unacceptable risk. Service life is considered continuous once started and includes intermittent down time. Do not try to dislodge marine growth in seawater hoses as this may damage the hose. A dogleg or o return assembly would consist of 2 lengths of hose, 2 end fittings and either a 90o dogleg elbow or o U-bend fitting.


Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

This is acceptable but it is not a mandatory requirement and should not be demanded on Navy stores supplies.

The basic principle for the management of flexible piping devices is centred on safety and fitness for purpose. Technical 64492 requires 4 years. Date of Issue via engineering analysis in accordance with the policy and guidance in ABR Maintenance the instructions in ABR some planned maintenance items may be deemed.

Ensure that the pressure ratings of the hose end fittings and the hoses are comparable. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Ensure that pipe and hose assembly supports are intact and that there is no distortion or other damage and that all fasteners are tight. A raised spot on the surface, cover or tube, indicating a separation between the layers usually forming a void or air pocket in the vulcanised article.

For example, a hose manufactured in the second quarter ofdenoted as 2Q04 at repetitive intervals on the layline, has a shelf life that ends on the 30th September The strength member of the hose containing fabric, cord or wire reinforcement.

Any cut, nick or abrasion that removes one half of the cover thickness shall be cause for rejection. Military specifications for hose require the cure date to be expressed as the quarter and year of manufacture.

Therefore items suppled via the ADF supply chain can be assumed to comply with material requirements and the only certification required is evidence that the correct item has been demanded and supplied. For hyperbaric hoses this is normally 1.

Synthetic rubber deteriorates, both in storage and in use, and ultimately becomes unserviceable. Eg illustrations parts breakdowns APL etc Approved planned maintenance takes precedence over the generic instructions provided in this TM Using fresh water or other appropriate liquid hose assemblies for water and gaseous systems shall be tested using fresh water onlyapply the required hydrostatic pressure for a period of between one and five minutes.


Ships are to maintain a register of all critical fitted hose assemblies subject to lifing iaw paragraph 11 and rubber expansion joints, in which the following minimum information shall be held for each individual hose assembly and expansion joint: In manned spaces they should be replaced no later than 12 years after installation and internally inspected in accordance with the appropriate planned maintenance requirement during each 6 year period.

Page 10 of 16 Ensure that the hose end fitting threads have not been damaged.

Any non-approved hose in a hyperbaric application must be replaced. The strength of abrr between cured rubber surfaces or a cured rubber surface and a non-rubber surface.

These elements are shelf life and service life. If difficulty is experienced with removal or replacements of the sleeve, then the complete assembly shall be replaced.

Water Systems Chilled fresh water Portion where single hose failure results in loss of electronic cooling. Ensure that the tube and abe are intact and contain no cuts, cracks or abrasions.

The visible portion of hose between two end fittings or between one end fitting and a dogleg elbow which is free to absorb motion under operating and shock conditions. One sample of each new type of hose assembly is to be subjected to a qualifying hydrostatic pressure test of the complete assembly, including end fittings, of five times the maximum system working pressure or the hose assembly proof pressure, whichever is higher apart from hyperbaric hoses.

These hoses shall only be hydrostatically tested as required by the appropriate planned maintenance requirement or when a requirement exists to use a hose that does not meet all of the criteria at Paragraph 17, to percent of the system working pressure but not less than psig, kPa except for LM gas turbine flexible hoses.