Sixteen-year-old Addison Blakely has tirelessly played the role of PK preacher’s kid her entire life. But after Wes Keegan revs his. Review by Jill Williamson. Addison Blakely has always done everything to please her overprotective dad—who’s also a pastor. The thing is. Sixteen-year-old Addison Blakely has tireless played the role of PK – preacher’s kid – her entire life. But after Wes Keegan revs his motorcycle into town and into.

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Amant takes her novel a step further, though, and provides open and blatant spiritual answers to the same issues she brings up, directing her readers to God’s thoughts on those issues. I’ve tried to list as much clean teen fiction from a Christian worldview as I possibly can in an effort to help you find books. This book made me really just think and keep wondering and I loved it for that. I really liked the main character Nov 02, Brandi rated it it was ok Shelves: I can’t say I was completely happy with the way everything turned out and the book kind of ended without any real conclusion to the story maybe a sequel?

Suddenly, I began to like him more, and then more, and then — needless to say, I was completely in love with him by the time I finished the book! Feb 13, Adriana rated it it was amazing. But I’m sure that each of us can somehow relate to Addison’s struggles with her feelings toward Wes and the difficult task of choosing what’s right from what’s wrong. But then I liked that about the book. If dad is the pastor, forget it. I’m very glad Mr. She is a contemporary teen that the targeted age can relate to whether parents like me want to admit it or not.

I plan on adding it to my school’s library collection. I would recommend this book to contemporary lovers who want a breezy book to read!


Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK

Over all, this book is good and I enjoyed reading Addison’s story except for some slow and dragging parts. I’m very glad she dropped the completely annoying attitude and is getting help for her problem. There was a lot of other subject matter to keep you interested. Anyway, they both play the piano. Addison Blakely seemed like it would be along the same lines — a girl who would have to figure out what she believed, though in a much more indirect way.

Confessions is, however, well-written solid plot, fully fleshed characters that feel real and delivers a positive message from a strong female protagonist. It wasn’t amazing but it was fun and still deep at the same time. I wish I could find someone struggling with the details not the pi concept.

Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK by Betsy St. Amant | Jill Williamson

I think children of missionaries and pastors will also enjoy this novel, probably even throw out a few “amens” as they read it. Sometimes I shake my head, wondering what exactly is going on in her subconscious. I was impressed at how well we got to know them.

Confeseions was I kidding? Her life that revolves around her father, the church, and God is now suddenly turning vague I am saying yes to this book and how completely hard I fell for it.

I think it is easy to forget sometimes who you are and what you believe in and it is easy glakely let someone else sway you. So I’m pretty content right now.

Confessions of a PK is a ridiculously long title; I mean, who names their books like that because I’m not even sure if I’ll remember this book two years from now. Marta the exchange student seems to be too wise and above reproach. Other than the different names and all that stuff; I noticed some similarities between the hunky, sparkly blakelu to this bad boy biker.


I don’t mean you should have “dumbed” her down,but her voice just didn’t seem to fit her age group. Dec 08, Juhina rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 27, Nicola rated it adrison liked it Shelves: I’m not a preacher’s addisin and maybe I won’t ever understand what its like to be one.

Confessions of a PK is a well-written, heartfelt coming of age story that compels readers to moments of self-reflection and self-discovery.

I did enjoy the segment in which Addison forced herself to really look at her lifestyle, acknowledging that perhaps she has only been going through the motions as a preacher’s kid rather than letting the natural outflowing of her beliefs affect her life.

No wonder God had been so quiet. At the risk of spoilers, I shall just leave this vague statement here and hope when you read the book it makes sense lol. I think the only thing that I didn’t like about this book other than that it ended was it seemed a bit dragged out in parts. Apr 04, Chrissy added it. Addison Blakely was somehow born into the role of sainthood.

Addison Blakely Confessions of a PK by Betsy St Amant

This book gave me a glimpse of what it’s like for a Pastor’s kid, living in what she calls life in a fishbowl. The romance in this book was also seriously lacking. Feb 14, Laura rated it it was amazing. Marta blxkely a foreign exchange student who she deems a Godsend since she’s always there and confessiosn her great ideas unlike her best friend who ditches her. So once again, I folded my hands in my lap, pasted on a smile, and did what every self-surviving PK learned to do from day one.

It’s expected of a pastor’s kid.