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Air Force Instruction , Communications and functional terms, in accordance with AFI and Air Force series supply. 12/1/ INFORMATION PROTECTION. Kb. AFI Kb. AFI 7/1/ Requirements Kb. AFMAN 5/1/ ENGINEERING AND. HQ USAF functional managers chair their own functional requirements boards ( AFI , Requirements Development and Processing). They prepare and.

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Maintenance is not intended to increase the value, capabilities, or expected life of a system. Notifies applicable maintenance contract office of primary responsibility OPR to remove from maintenance computer systems that become excess and are not required for reuse locally. Are responsible for all assigned computer systems. The ECs have no authority to transfer computer systems outside their account.

At base level, this is the commander of the communications unit responsible for carrying out base Comm and Info systems responsibilities. Computer System— A functional unit, consisting of one or more computers and associated software, that a uses common storage for all or part of a program and also for all or part 333-103 the data necessary for the execution of the program; b executes user-written or user-designated programs; and c performs user-designated data manipulation, including arithmetic and logic 33-1033.

Creates electronic excess reports in IPMS for excess equipment items that are not required locally. MECO responsibilities do not include equipment accountability.

To close a DRA: System acquisition, development, maintenance, and life-cycle support are assigned to a program manager assigned to one of the services. Directs all ECs to conduct an annual physical inventory of assigned computer systems.

Support agreements such as interservice or host nation. For Air Force-wide managed systems: Certified contractors including GSA employees and contractors.

No information collections are created by this publication. Maintenance Policies and Reports. Appoints an organization computer manager OCM.


The movement of primary and backup resources on different vehicles or aircraft. The CSO is responsible for determining whether the using organization, communications unit, or outside agency will install the equipment or software.

Reviews their systems annually to determine if the systems still meet user requirements, need modification, or are obsolete. These contracts provide computer system resources at discount prices, offer a standard structure for Air Force-wide maintenance and training, and simplify integration and interoperability of computer systems.

Do not use privately owned computer systems to: This list may 33-103 reflect recent The open system interconnection reference model uses sets of communication protocols to facilitate communications between computer networks and their components, or b a formally specified set of conventions governing the format and control of inputs and outputs between two communicating systems.

Ati the service is necessary for direct support of the agency’s mission. Sign for new equipment as well as all assigned accountable computer systems. One CPU may have more than one processor housed in the unit.

Configure the operating system software to meet user needs e.

USAF E-Pubs: Communications and Information

Must out-process through the applicable ECO. Review disposition plans for computer systems program documentation, technical data, etc.

Equipment Custodian EC — An individual who acts as a subordinate to the equipment control officer ECO and performs inventory, utilization, and maintenance recording and reporting and other custodial duties as the ECO requires. The EC notifies base supply of all excess computer systems equipment accountable for in the base supply system. A I indicates revision from the previous edition. The MOA establishes the responsibilities, authorities, and ground rules relative to the transfer.

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The IPMS will track accountability of complete items retained for maintenance redundancy and operational spares. Perform routine system maintenance such as backing up or archiving files and adding software updates. Directs retention of serviceable excess computer systems for maintenance redundancy or operational spares. Attachment 2 contains an address listing of key organizations. Close coordination between the applicable CSO, supporting contracting officer, and the contractor.


The packing, shipping, installing, operating, and maintaining of computer systems in the deployed location. Ensures procedures are in place instructing base communications personnel to use the IPMS to notify and document equipment transfers between bases.

Notifies the ECO of the relocation 333-103 the equipment. Do not relocate accountable computer systems without first notifying the EC.

The government will not incur any cost or liability resulting from the use, misuse, loss, theft, or destruction of privately owned computer systems resources.

– Side 33 af 101

Completes out-processing for departing EC upon transfer of account and receipt of new appointment letters. The Air Force Computer Systems Redistribution Office will resolve conflicts between commands requesting the same equipment.

Data entered on privately owned computer systems or software developed while performing government business becomes the 333-103 of the U. The CSO should evaluate these costs when planning for deployment maintenance.

Normally, implied or promised support by the author is minimal or nonexistent. Fine Replaceable Unit LRU — A module, subassembly, or printed circuit card you can replace or repair without soldering. Notify the responsible EC before removing equipment from the EC account. The CSMWG will include broad representation of CSM functions allowing for improved crossfeed of information afu feedback from the field necessary to make informed decisions about CSM policy and procedures.

Provides the appointment letter of the equipment control officers ECO.