Leave the search box empty to find all products, or enter a search term to find a specific product. Sort by. Product Name +/- · Category · Manufacturer name. correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency (Muljiani ). . Warman’s Detaxer acolyte Alex Muljiani had a comparatively short. Canada – The UnTaxman – Secrets of Detaxation A detaxing strategy based on Eldon Warman’s 15 year success story. Alex Muljiani takes it.

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OCDSB have been using against myself to coerce muljoani into complying with illegal demands of my property. The top tax lawyers in Ottawa are too afraid to defend against the government even though they clearly see the mistakes and bullying in this audit. I draw your attention to an article titled “Timely Courses and Seminars”.

The feds can’t get money from the regular criminals, so they go after the decent country folk, who have honest accounts and property they can easily seize. I am under no contract, explicit or implicit, which changes my status to any type or form of fictitious person, such as taxpayer, limited liability, or incorporated.

I regret to inform you that if this last act of diplomacy fails I will have no option but to commence court action at the end of January I have used the forms 1 Declaration Of Rights At Law and 2 Constructive Notice see below posted in Lesson 7 to commence the process of detaxing myself.

These documents serve to inform the warned parties OCDSB and The Minister of National Revenue that any debts or mulkiani contractual obligations arising out of past activity are void and any present and future supposed requirements associated with the bad contracts are void. That assessment will be done when I do a “Voluntary Assessment” by completing an “Income Tax Return” sometime before April 30th of the year following the year in which revenue was generated.


I will keep visitors to The Cyberclass Network updated on the progress of my challenge to become “detaxed”. A Revenue Canada third party demand does not constitute a lawful garnishee against a natural person of commoner status unless accompanied by a proper court judgement and order.

Since that date my research has turned up even more substantial evidence to support my request. Though I threaten court action with my employer, the OCDSB in the letters attached below I have not initiated any court action at this time as I do not feel that I have sufficient competence in procedures nor the law.


Time is running out folks! Would you like to show your children how to avoid ever being subject to the kind of control the government has over all of us today? The reality was that these so-called money laundering and criminal activities were played up dramatically so that the police state pieces of legislation could be passed without much criticism.

Kennedy, a natural person of commoner status lawfully residing in the City of: If you believe that your children deserve a better future than what you see coming down the road, your obligation is to educate yourself on how to protect your property so that you can educate them to do the same. The Caveat is the warning that I now have the right to use whatever force is necessary to defend myself and my property by using the Justice System to stop the unlawful activities which The Minister Of National Revenue and Revenue Canada Agents eg.

I have not filed an income tax return since Folks, there are solutions to prevent the kind of situations like the one above. This new law vastly expands government power and gives police the right to break the law in the process of upholding the law. These were the gifts of personal freedom and personal property rights. As of this date, my employer still refuses to comply with my request to stop withholding income tax from my monthly paycheque.

Any employer is required to deduct according to the information provided by the employee on the TD-1 Form. I believe this is because Canadians tend to be so nice that they are blinded to the idea that their government could actually contemplate such evil and actually pass it. However, there are other solutions required when it comes to protecting your property rights.

Remember the Nurenburg Trials whereby a Canadian judge mouthed the decision the” I was just carrying out orders” is not a defense for committing a criminal act. After learning this new knowledge I encourage you to take action immediately to quit filing income tax returns and to quit paying income tax in Canada – permanently, effectively and lawfully. I hereby revoke and forbid any usage of my Social Insurance number as a taxpayer number; and, void any contract such past usage of it as a taxpayer number may have implied.

They are only interested in your property and your money. As you can see from the above example, and as you probably know from your own personal experience, CCRA has no use for you as a person.


I spoke to Time magazine about this subject and stressed that while the auditor walks away counting his cash; the poor man left behind contemplates putting a gun to his head. The law is very clear that the OCDSB cannot be held liable for any monies that I may or may not owe at the end of the year. I understand that a jury trial is granted when the criminal charge in question carries a sentence of over five years.

This letter is being forwarded to you since the employees in the payroll department of the OCDSB have previously ignored my requests to file “exempt”status and thereby stop withholding incomes tax from my monthly pay cheque on behalf of Revenue Canada Taxation.

To be fair I will briefly outline the two court options open to me.

Alex Muljiani

I have recently learned that I, a natural person of commoner status, am not a “person” included in the Income Tax Act a,ex Canada who is subject to the income tax. Another apparent “weapon against crime.

He was the first person in Canada to stop having income tax deducted off his UIC cheques. I hereby revoke and void any such supposed or assumed contract, past, present and future; and, hereby declare my status as a natural person and a commoner.

His wife is a waitress. Revenue Canada Taxation by its action is subject to “usury” – which is punishable by up to five years imprisonment under section 1 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Eldon has posted an abundance of information at this web site for those who are following a self-imposed course of study in the process of re-education.

I am an accountant who has worked on helping a man who was audited twice in the last 4 years. I will now prepare to use the government justice system to lay criminal charges; and.

I further learned that I have been deceptively induced by Revenue Canada’s propaganda into making a supposed contract by filing an income tax return, thus changing my status to “taxpayer” which makes me subject to the income tax by that supposed contract.