Amarakosam (Telugu) Hardcover – by Amara The Amarakosha Is A Thesaurus Of Sanskrit Written By The Ancient Indian Scholar Amarasimha. of Amarakosha” National Book Stall, Kottayam. 8. TELUGU TO SANSKRIT MACHINE TRANSLATION SYSTEM-AN HYBRID APPROACH. Liṅgayyasūrin explains the derivations and meanings of amara-words. He also gives the Telugu equivalent words in his commentary. His commentary was well .

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The following verses give the different names of Brahma, Vishnu, Vasudeva, Balarama, etc. Some of this article’s listed sources may not be reliable. The word musala pestle may also be musala p. In another place, while explaining the word secana p. Amara mentions kadali and five other kinds of deer as the source of deerskin p. Ba, Dg, Ka, Wi. The absence of any mention of the Siddhantakaumudi suggests that Malli. He combines conciseness of expression with fullness of treatment. This article needs additional citations for verification.

MB rar 1 3g: Contains the second and third Kanda-s.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

When referring to the prohibition of Dvandva compounds, amarakosja means that all words with the same meaning but differing in gender should be given separately. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A, Bi, T omit. He quotes him 15 times. I He states in the introductory verse p.

amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script

XX amarakosa The next author is Bhaguri. They have left, them out as spurious additions but have taken care to note doubtful cases Surin, pp. In the third Kanda alone there is a difference of opinion; the commentator Svamin consi- dered the section on amrakosha avyaya-s as part of the follow- ing Avyaya section, whereas other commentators have generally added this to the Nanartha section.


Vaisravam Kubera has grammatical pecuHarity: The word sitputa as a synonym of bhramara quoted from the Taittiriya Samhitd- bhdsya is ignored by other commentators: The tame explanation of simhanada by other commentators is that it is a war-cry of soldiers re- sembling the roar of a lion.

Orders Wish list Track my order s. Some have interpreted the word hdhd to be an imitation of the musical sounds ever present on the lips of Gandharva-s semi-divine musicians and declare that the word is not capable of derivation. Similarly he mentions cakydrthah trptyarthah p.

Girl, go to the temple and worship Siva and Parvati ; evidently he has a large number of such popular lines in his repertoire. He finds the first reliable mention in Amoghavritti of Shakatayana composed during the reign of Amoghavarsha CE [2]. These alterations and addi- tions have been noted from time to time in various lexicons after Amara, such as the Vaijayanti, Visvaprakdsa and Abhidhdna- ratnamdld.

Jasmine is molla to Surin and mulla to Malli. Surin gives vepa for the Nimba tree while Malli.

International purchase and payment is supported through paypal. The fifth and sixth verses give various names of Gautama Buddha. We give below a list of authors and works cited by Malli. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Good wri tingContains the third Kanda only.


In the first Kanda there are thus a number of verses and hemistichs, e. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. The citation from Kaman- daka reveals his close acquaintance with pohtical science p. The ant [pipilikd is mentioned in the section on fern, nouns in the Lingadisamgrahavarga III. The first verse Kshemankaroristatathi Shivathathi Shivamkara gives the Nanarthas of the word Shubakara or propitious as Kshemankara, Aristathathi, Shivathathi and Shivamkara.

If the word isudhi is formed by using the verb dhiyati, it is ubhayalinga. The words in the Ak. Anundoram Borooah incompleteBerham- pore He then gives a number of grammatical rules to show the correctness of the form p.

Critical Website Maintenance Website Changes. Da, I, Ki, Wj. Monday, 13th day of the bright fortnight of the month of Pusya in the teluugu Virodhikrt. Ks notes another reading pdrk- pdrsvika-s [pdripdrhikd iti vd pdthah, fn.

He adds thousands of words to the original. Some commentators explain the rohitaka-vrksa as a variety of the thorny Palasa tree. Second Kanda incomplete ending in the middle of the Vanausadhivarga.