AMS C 26074 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-C at Engineering MIL-CC. 3 MY les5. MILITARY SPECIFICATION. This specification ie approved for we by all. Departfmnta and Agencie8 of the Oapartmmt of. Defense. 1. SAE AMS-C Electroless Nickel Coatings. SAE AMS-C Revision D, June Complete Document. Electroless Nickel Coatings. Includes all.

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These specimens shall be introduced into a lot at regular intervals prior to the cleaning operations preliminary to coating and shall amw be separated therefrom until after completion of the processing. Aluminum alloys non-heat treatable, and beryllium alloys processed to improve adhesion of the nickel deposit. Now one feature of mil spec reform is that a number of cancelled military specs and standards ended up being reprinted in their entirety by various industry associations.

It is encouraged that recycled material be used when practical as long 2607 it meets the requirements of the document see 3.

The nickel coating shall be smooth, adherent, and free from visible blisters, pits, nodules, porosity, cracks and other defects. A hydrogen embrittlement relief test shall be run once per month on a random sample of 4 parts as specified in 4. Each of the sample parts selected in accordance with 4.

Sampling plan B – Sampling procedures for evaluating hydrogen embrittlement relief destructive test – Class 1 and 2: Your email address will not be published. All steel parts having an ultimate tensile strength ofpsi, or above, shall not be coated without approval of the procuring activity. Manufacturers are given latitude in the selection of specific plating bath formulations used for the chemical deposition of an amorphous nickel-phosphorous metallic compound provided the coating obtained meets the requirements of this specification.


Thanks so much for asking, Ed: AMS-CB is therefore reinstated and is designated as a noncurrent document. The nickel coatings shall be classified in accordance with the thermal treatment applied subsequent to plating.

All details of workmanship shall conform to the best practices for high quality coating. It is recommended, therefore, that this specifications not be specified for new designs.

SAE AMS-CB 化学镀镍(英文)_百度文库

Class and grade, and heat treatment or condition see 1. The selected samples shall be subjected to a sustained tensile load equal to percent of the maximum design yield load for which the part was designed.

The separate specimens shall be strips approximately 1-inch wide, 4-inches long, and 0. Equipment, solutions, and process procedures shall be subject to the approval of the procuring activity.

With two concurrent and identical specifications in amw at the same time, confusion ran rampant. Hydrogen embrittlement relief bake: The following documents, of the issue in effect on date of invitation for bids or request for proposal, form a part of the specification to the extent specified herein.

SAE invites your written comments and suggestions.

Parts–spring pins, lock rings, and so forth–that are installed in holes or rods shall be similarly assembled using the applicable parts specifications or drawing tolerances which impose ame maximum sustained tensile load on the plated part. Under Department of Defense policies and procedures, any qualifications requirements and associated qualified products lists are mandatory to DOD contracts. However, it is not advised for new design. Title, number and date of the specification.


Our drawing states to process parts to MIL-C For example, a cold-rolled steel surface shall not be used to represent a hot-rolled steel surface; owing to the impracticability of forging or casting separate test specimens, hot-rolled steel specimens may be used to represent forged and cast steel parts.

The Government reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in this specification where such inspections are deemed necessary to ensure supplies and services conform to prescribed requirements. Samples shall be selected from each lot see 4. Grade A coatings on aluminum alloys and grade C coatings on iron alloys after plating and all required thermal treatments shall show no visual evidence of corrosion of the basis metal when tested in accordance with 4.

Each part, or specimen shall be tested as specified in 4. Class and grade of coating. The coating is intended for use when hard and smooth surfaces are required on coated parts.

AMS-C-26074 and MIL-C-26074 – An explanation of the revision path

Excellent uniform deposits are produced on irregular parts. Nickel 26047 autocatalytic chemical reduction 6. TSB rules provide for a the publication of portions of unrevised government specifications and standards without consensus voting at the SAE Committee level, and b the use of the existing government specification or standard format. This is a stabilized document. Number of this specification.