ANATOMIE,MEDICALE,OPERATII. Calin Todor; videos; views by dockamal Play next; Play now. Video Disectia soldului si coapsei. Croitor Gh, Anatomia funcţională şi biomecanica şoldului, Ed. Prometeu, Chişinău, 6. Ivan Gh, Coxartroza, Editura Scrisul Românesc, Craiova, . 7. Anatomia funcţională şi biomecanica şoldului. Croitor Gh; Ed. Prometeu, Chişinău,; Bazele teoretico-metodice ale kinetoterapiei în bolile reumatice.

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Fracturi asociate sau tasari ale capului femural Tip IC: We think you have liked this presentation. Luxatie posterioara abatomia soldului cu fractura capului femural caudal de fovea capitis Tip II: Repeated efforts not likely to be successful and may create harm to the neurovascular structures or the articular cartilage. If femoral neck fracture is already displaced, then the ability to reduce the head by closed means is markedly compromised. Femoral head not centered in acetabulum.

Allows localization of injury in the event that surgery is required. Luxatie cu fractura capului femural. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Usually provides enough information to proceed with closed reduction. Anterior approach only if: Intra-operative nerve monitoring SSEP, motor anaotmia.


AP pelvis, Lateral Hip x-ray. Fara fracturi asociate Tip IB: Luxatii superioare inclusiv pubiene sau suprapubiene Tip IA: Hip Dislocation with Femoral Neck Fracture Attempts at closed reduction potentiate chance of fracture displacement with consequent increased risk of AVN.

Thus, closed reduction should not be attempted. Incarcerated Fragment Can be detected on x-ray or CT scan. The amount of flexion, adduction and internal rotation that is necessary to cause hip dislocation should be documented.

May be unavoidable in cases with severe cartilaginous injury.

Inlocuirea de sold

Complicatii locale imediate compresiunea n. Anterior Smith-Peterson approach Watson-Jones is an alternate approach Allows visualization and retraction of interposed tissue.

Emergent Treatment Dislocated hip is an emergency. In general, dislocations with associated femoral head or acetabulum fractures fare worse. Femoral head appears larger anterior or smaller posterior. Patient is to be intubated emergently in Emergency Room. Placement of Schanz pin in intertrochanteric region of femur will assist in manipulation of the proximal femur. Irreducible fracture-dislocation of the hip: Dislocations with fractures anatomiaa both the femoral head and the acetabulum have a strong association with poor results.

Labral detachment or tear Highly uncommon cause of instability. Higher if patient has altered sensorium. Requires reduction and stabilization fracture.


Fara fracturi asociate Tip IIB: Auth with social network: Maintain hip in full extension Maintain knee in flexion Avoid retractors in lesser sciatic notch? Patient prone, hip flexed and leg off spldului. Luxatie posterioara a soldului cu fractura capului femural proximal de fovea capitis Tip III: May be life threatening.

Inlocuirea de sold | Blausen Medical

If fracture is displaced, open reduction of femoral head into acetabulum, reduction of femoral neck fracture, and stabilization of femoral neck fracture. Luxatie cu un singur fragment major al peretului posterior acetabular Tip III: Hardware removed only when fracture healed. Results from prolonged retraction on nerve. Repeat x-rays before allowing weight-bearing. Literature supports decreased AVN with earlier reduction. Acetabulum Fracture weight-bearing portion. Its presence in the unstable hip would justify surgical repair.

Direction of applied force.