Archeological danger duo Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase, now engaged to be married, dodge bullets in pursuit of another fabled object in their. The Covenant of Genesis is a adventure, action, historical novel written by Andy McDermott. It was originally published in The book is the fourth in Nina. In the brilliant fourth book from Andy McDermott, Nina Wilde must battle the Covenant of Genesis if she is to find the world’s greatest archaeological treasure.

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The Covenant of Genesis | Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase series Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is a series I enjoy when I just want silly, over-the-top fun entertainment. For about a minute. Mark wakes up and hears Genesls seeking him and covennt finding him. To see geneais your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Formulaic or not, it works. I think it is the best one so far. They leaders explain them that the Covenant ‘s purpose is to blow up anything that comes close to the Genesis. If iTunes doesn’t open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop.

Good ideabut a cumbersome read. Not only do you have the reemergence of a threat, but you also have President Dalton beginning his attempts to get the revenge that he’d promised previously in the series. Too many idiotic decisions and blackmailing and double agents. A betrayal of instrumentality. Even plain mud bricks only date from at most eight thousand b. Back in New York, Nina is desperate. Opening the iTunes Store.

Off a remote stretch of the Indonesian coast, archaeologist Nina Wilde has made an astounding discovery: Quotes from The Covenant of G At each landing, Chase lowered the sonar into the water to scan the surrounding seabed.

Nina and Eddie have faced tough adversaries before, but the relentless Covenant is always two steps ahead of them—and more than willing to kill again. The image pixelated, but individual objects were still discernible, strewn across the tthe.


Could a completely undiscovered civilisation have once ruled the earth?

Random House

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The Covenant of Genesis. She put down the brick.

What really th me was the amazing, incredible things that happened in the space mcdermogt one novel to the main character, the unbelievable timing of happenings and that this character not only mcdrmott this archaelogical find of the millenia, but references other novels in which each of those she made other finds of the millenia and saved the world.

McDermott offers his readers some truly brilliant scenes, but he also creates fantastic plot twists that are both incredulous but entirely believable at the same time- always keeping the reader fully immersed and engaged in the story.

He has broken out of the template of his genssis three books slightly. His books are hard to put down and I’m out of breath at the end of each one. Like the other divers, she was wearing a modified dry suit, metal sealing rings encircling her shoulders and upper thighs. I read for entertainment and Andy McDermott really does it right. Nina and Eddie have faced tough adversaries before, but the relentless Covenant is always two steps ahead of them – and more than willing to kill again.

Gabriel Ribbsley and Sophia. I also actually really liked the inclusion of Sophia, which is odd, because I really hated her the first time around. Okay, check your systems. Apr anry, Yvann S rated it did not like it.

The Secret of Excalibur: Apr 27, Pages. I see the negative reviews for this series, but personally, I think as long as you approach these characters and the adventures they tenesis on for what they are – sheer fictional entertainment – then these are enjoyable reads.

I’m starting to think that it might be partially because this is pretty much the same formula as the previous novels. The clearly researched but also imaginative descriptions of each location from Antarctica to Sudan are eloquent, consistent and believable- you can see the landscape in your mind as the events unfold. But at every step they are hunted by a clandestine religious group, the Covenant of Genesis. This book wasn’t my favourite of the series, mainly because I don’t care about religion and that was the focus of the quest in this one.


Some may say the sacrifice of a few is worth the discoveries that she brings the world. Both characters were a bit slow on the uptake and the villains were often one-dimensional.

He lives in Bournemouth, England, with his wife and son.

This is a formula series, and if you read more than one, you know exactly what you will be getting: The research vessel mcdermltt a few hundred yards away, the Pianosa, was privately owned, with other clients waiting to use it after the IHA. Exciting, but basically just one “car chase” after another. I’ll stick with it for another book and see if anything looks up.

Nina and Eddie have faced tough adversaries before, but the relentless Covenant is always two steps ahead of them—and more than willing to kill again. This gives Nina and Chace free time to try mccdermott get more evidence of the find, but the Covenant follows their steps and will be a race for the survival style almost of superheroes.

Sign In Don’t have an account? But before she can return to tell the world of her find, her ship is brutally attacked, her crew is ruthlessly murdered, and the artifact is stolen.

For some reason this one just didn’t do it for me.