indeed he might have been describing the author of Eros, the Bittersweet. Car- Carson traces the paradoxical nature of Eros from Sappho’s famous definition. Deadpan Sexy: Anne Carson’s “Eros the Bittersweet”. Austin Allen. 10 February, Anne Carson writes books that refuse to be just one thing. Autobiography. Eros the Bittersweet An Essay Anne Carson. Editions. Paperback. ISBN. pp. 6 x 9. Hardcover.

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Eros the Bittersweet

I expected some sort of disconnect due to the fact that basically all of my classics knowledge is Latin-based and not Greek. You are not that enlarged self.

Here are some things I learned while reading my bajillionth Anne Carson book: The Greek alphabet revolutionized this imitative function through eeros of its consonant, which is a theoretic element, an abstraction.

Cultural tidbits as well as foreign words and phrases trickle through the text in a pleasingly clarified form and only enhance the experience.

I don’t bitetrsweet love.

Eros the Bittersweet | Dalkey Archive Press

These judgments were shallow, as we are now in a position to see. If that tje your craving, I am ready to melt you together and fuse you into a single unit, so that two become one and as thw as you live you may both, as one, live a common life, and when you bitterdweet you may caron, down there in Hades, one instead of two, die a common death. I’m also not going to quote any sections about Greek novels I must profess a slight distaste for the genre!

Carson’s analysis is by no means exhaustive, but she does include quite a few areas of interest including: Feb 20, Steven rated it it was amazing Shelves: I couldn’t put it down. I would add that if anyone is actually going to write about Heraclitus, as I would like to have happen, Anne Carson is the person to do it. But there is nothing inappropriate here. In other words, Eros is the unmoved mover of fiction, poetry, epistemology, and philosophy. May 28, Anthony Vacca rated it liked it.


I really enjoyed this book! It is that bittwrsweet. Dalkey Archive Press Amazon. Jun 18, Laura Leaney rated it it was amazing. Who is the real subject of most love poems? This book, instead of being a guide, instead of being Beatrice, is Humbert Humbert mansplaining about obsessions only tangentially about love; mainly about obsessions from the classical world and riffs and plays on antecedent books about love and pain.

Carson explains this a whole lot better and more beautifully. It wasn’t an obsession with an ideal, aanne with a cozy place between her constant surprises and constant familiarity.

I was repeatedly astounded by what I was reading! This book, instead of being a guide, inste I bitterswwet in pain when I read this. It carries an emotional charge both hateful and delicious and emits a light like knowledge. First and foremost this book is about conceptually mapping eros and what it meant for the ancient Greeks. As she notes, shutting out the sounds and smells surrounding one in an oral communication society might prove dangerous to one’s health, whereas reading and writing are bittresweet to accomplish with stimulus overload in sound and smell and touch.

This act of dialectical interception abne, since antiquity, perplexed those who wish to say concisely what the dialogue is about. To write words I put a symbol in place of an absent sound.

That is the most erotic thing about Eros.

We have looked at some of the tactics of incompleteness by which Sappho sustains desire and desirability in the poem. Such questions are certainly important, but ultimately feel somewhat beside the point insofar as the response cadson seems to be a quiet but biftersweet “it is, and—.


This is one of my favorite books by Anne Carson. This is an enormous claim, and it would take something verging on religious faith to countenance it based on what it presented here. We caught sight of a similar outline, even in Homer, where the phenomenon of reading and writing resurfaces in Bellerophon’s stor “Both the experience of desire and the experience of reading have something to teach us about edges.

Homer mostly the Iliad, a colleague inspired me to recognize that Odysseus and Penelope’s relationship is not brought upthe Archaic lyric poets mostly Sappho and Archilochos, but also a little AnakreonPlato best of the best! For many, long essays about short poems seem pedantic.

Jan 07, Abby rated it it was amazing Shelves: Endlessly fascinating and utterly engrossing. For his delight is in reaching; to reach for something perfect would be perfect delight.

Eros the Bittersweet – Anne Carson – Google Books

An Essay Anne Carson Limited preview – Love egos about the object of love that exists outside of the lovers, which might be true. It’s been a month since I read the book, so I don’t really remember everything that well, but she claims that love is bittersweet, or “sweetbitter” in Thr version. Instead of telling stories orally – a setting that allowed the listener and speaker a closeness with the words, beca I have to admit, I read this book because oh-so-literary characters on “The L Word” dropped the name while flirting.

Phonetic script imitates the activity of discourse itself. Carson mesmerises in this meditation on Eros. This fact does not cease to charm its readers.