Operating manual for remote control unit VR 90 _ 2. 1 Notes on the of the auroMATIC and VRC modular bus con-. Installation instructions Mixer module VR 60 _ 2. Contents. 1. Notes on the documentation. . of the auroMATIC or VRC controllers and. Find great deals for Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 . Shop with Picture 1 of 4; Picture 2 of 4; Picture 3 of 4; Picture 4 of 4.

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auroMATIC – Busmodular control system for solar supported heating – Vaillant

The weather-guided control system automatically raises or lowers the setpoint temperature of the system depending on the outdoor temperature. In Menu 3 you can call up and adjust various timer programs, depending on the system configuration e. If further settings are required for the system configurations, then: A maximum value for the solar cylinder temperature can be set to ensure the highest possible returns from the solar cylinder heating, while at the same time ensuring that limescale protection is active.

If the set maximum temperature is exceeded, the solar pump is switched off. The heating circuit is regulated at the nighttime set room temperature. To adapt the control system to the conditions on site, you must perform the electrical installation according to the components required in the system.

Cylinder charging has priority over heating; the requirements of the heating circuits cannot be covered at this time. You can set up to three time windows Start time to End time for each day or block e. The graphic display shows a graphic of the state of the installation or the solar gain. We therefore recommend using 2 x 0. In the parameter setting area, the value is increased or reduced depending on the step size, the range and the direction of rotation.


Heating circuit Arrow flashing: One bus coupler is required for each heating appliance. After the access code has been saved in Menu C11, the standard code will no longer be displayed in Menu 8.

Mon – Fri 5: The solar pump unit supports the charging if possible in parallel with the boilers. It provides particular flexibility for retrofitting and expanding the system. The room temperature of your heating installation depends to a great extent on the selection of the right heating curve. See the VPM W manual. Number of heating appliances They are usually already configured with the system — parameter setting is only necessary in exceptional cases e.

Any external sensor connected to the boiler will be ignored. Optimising the time windows for hot water generation Time windows can be programmed for 6220 hot water generation.

Changing names During commissioning, the controller displays only the factory-set names for the heating circuits and the DHW cylinder.

The frost protection function for the solar circuits is relevant Frost protection to Spain only due aurommatic statutory regulations Below the temperafunction ture set here, the collector pumps are started up Setting range: They should be chosen so that the heat transfer fluid flows evenly through the whole array and the pressure loss is equally high all over. For solar thermal installations, the term means the useful solar heat that can be extracted as heat from the solar cylinder and for photovoltaic installations, the useful electrical energy.

Type of protection The level of protection indicates the suitability of electrical equipment for various ambient conditions and additionally the protection of people from potential hazards during their use.


In Menu C7 is for setting the global parameters which ensure optimum operation of the heating installation. Maximum temperature of solar cylinder In order to ensure the highest possible gain from the airomatic heating of the cylinder, while at the same time ensuring that limescale protection is active, you can set a maximum value for the solar temperature cylinder.

auroMATIC 620

The controller ends the One-time cylinder charging function and changes back to the basic display. Make sure the old appliance and any accessories are disposed of properly. The Night set back temperature is marked. Error messages always have the highest priority.

The day is changed exactly at this time. Solar gain The energy obtained by a solar system in a defined period usually one year.

Settable parameters Description Setting range Factory setting Code Number The access code aurojatic of four digits which are set The cable entry must point downwards.

The pump is switched on again after cooling. Generic term for all types of boiler that produce heat for heating installations and for heating drinking water.

The heating installation is once more regulated according to the previously set parameters and the selected operating mode. This is how to view the system-specific parameters: If the selected heating curve is too high, the temperatures in the heating installation will also be too high, resulting in higher energy consumption. Aurokatic delay time Minimum temperature Maximum temperature Max.