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I’ve cleaned the little screen and the injector – and I’ve cleaned the air check valve base. It sounds as if you need a set of new flapper valves, especially the brine autotroo.

If I need one do you have a valve that can be rebilt, or how much is a new valve without the timer. When it is free anyway. I replaced all the flapper valves and everything works fine now.

I remember seeing it in the old manuals where it showed a check valve but no real clear way to get to it. Manuxl times are GMT I also have an Autotrol – and the brine tank is consistently overfilling. Yes I agree, I disassembled the valve, again, and soaked everything in a concentrated solution of Iron out and it is clean.

Autotrol User Manuals

While looking at the parts brake down of that valve, I see that there are some O rings between the two parts. Is there anything inside the valve that I cannot get to that might be clogged or stuck and if so what can I do about it?


Autotrol won’t draw brine Printable View. I have taken the control valve off numerous times, disassembled it and cleaned it as best I can. What kind of water quality are you deal with? You don’t need any new module etc. I will let you know the results, thanks. I also was going to buy a rebuild kit but don’t aktotrol to waste the money if I need to replace the valve assembly. The air check is where the brine line going to the salt tank is aitotrol to the control valve on top the air check.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! So I will get a rebuild kit and try that.

My main problem is iron, I thought about soaking it in a heavy concentrate of super iron out for a couple of days. With all of the flappers and other parts off one might be able to by soaking it in some thing like iron out. Originally Posted by kpreilly. In what area is the check valve and is there anything that it can be soaked in to clean it out like Iron out. Thanks for all the helpful advice.

Autotrol won’t draw brine

If the ball doesn’t seal against its seat you may get water into the salt tank. I have soaked it in Iron out, flushed it, cleaned the flapper valves, screen, injector valve basically everything that can come apart has come apart and been cleaned.


After putting it back together and installing it back on the tank it still won’t siphon brine and actually water comes out of the brine well tube. I will have to check one of the valves that I have in the pile, see what it sounds like. The time now is autotroll The only “check valve” is the black rubber ball in the air check on the right side facing the control.

Autotrol | Water Softener Manuals

There is no check valve anywhere inside the Autotrol I’ve never seen a bad ball. I have an Autotrolthe problem I am having is it is not drawing brine in fact during the brine cycle it flows a small amount of water into the brine tank instead of creating the suction needed to draw brine out of the tank.

The Autotrol part number of ATthe valve body that sets on top of the tank adapter module looks to be around I have a steady, but slow stream of water little more than a trickle coming through the drain line.

It sounds like there is leakage past the 2 and possibly the 3 flapper valves and these are the two main valves.