Bhavat Bhavam. There is an interesting concept in Vedic astrology that can help us to understand the nature of the houses, called bhavat bhavam. It means. BHAVAT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vedicastrology. Basically the bhavat bhavam, sharing similar indications, lends support to the house in question. For instance, 5th house signifying inclination of mind (intellect) .

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Except for Aries, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Leo lagnasthe planets that help re-enforce the life path of the remainder 8 lagnas are all either evil or maraka house lords. The 7th house is bhavat bhavam for the 4th house 4th from 4th.

While Ernst did not explain what thought gave rise to this idea, I was pretty taken aback by the sheer simplicity of this technique. In today’s climate, bhsvat course, this includes all media such as magazine and internet publications etc.

In any case Divisional Charts are expanded view of a particular Bhava and gives info of that Bhava only. Luck or profit is controlled by Jupiter and if your 9th house is good, Labha Sthana will naturally be good. Bnavam example if a person has Aquarius lagna and is running the rasi caranavamsa dasa of Gemini bavam Venus, does it mean they will find their life path during that time?

This principle can be applied different ways: Mars is a neutral to Venus. The 4 th is third from the 2 nd house. The owner of the means of production must labor again 6th from 6th to shape, transport, or otherwise convert the original labor so that it can become a commodity in the market 11 Achievement of goals based bhavxt indebtedness, long labor in servitude or exploitation, and in conditions of social conflict 6 — in other words, goals for which one has paid in suffering — are marked by periods of vriddhipati I cannot make head and tail of your question.

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This house-to-house principle can be extended to every house and reveals that there is a relationship between such houses. I have treated Mars as auspicious planet for Aries, even bhavah he rules the 8 th house for simplicity purposes.

Bhavat Bhavam | Jyothishi

To illustrate the usage of the above concept, let us consider a few examples. Overall, dharma bhava represents all of one’s grandchildren.

Not only is he the yoga-karaka but also the graha that bolsters their life path. An example here is the chart of Deepak Chopra with 5th lord Mercury conjunct 10th lord Mars in 9th. Sun helps Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. Periods education-karaka-Budha and periods of yuvatipathi-7 also give diploma and bhavamm, house and car, and Parents of the Parents grandparents, particularly the mother’s parents who bhavqm often important culture teachers and provider of deep acceptance and emotional security if conditions in 7 are good of course!

Sun and Saturn have special relationship in axis of the natural zodiac too.

Bhavat Bhavam * BP Lama Jyotisha

For predictions, please read ‘Contact Me’ page. Paid Services — E-mail your Questions If you have concerns and questions about life, but do not know where to turn for guidance, bhhavam have come to the right place.

In the same manner 5th 3rd from 3rd also supports the significations of 3rd house which shows initiation into spiritual practices. Email required Address never made public. Another important revelation is that the two natural angular Aries, 1 st house and Capricorn, 10 th house and trinal Leo, 5th house and Sagittarius, 9th house houses appear in bhavaam pattern. Ask your important questions and get helpful answers.


In the table you will find Rasis in the first column while the planet that helps them find their life path in the second column. This is a great little technique when making predictions about a particular bhava in astrology. Lets consider 4th from 2nd which is the 5th bhava of literary works.

Secrets of bhavat-bhavam

For example, according to BPHS, Sun is an evil planet for gemini lagna even though he helps them find their bhavwt path. Bhavat-Bhavam as applied to bhavas The concept of bhavat-bhavam means that from the bhava in question, it is the future bhava. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Jupiter and Mercury are a pair in shad bala too. Bhava Bhavam Relationship 1 1 2 3 3 5 4 7 5 9 6 11 7 1 8 3 9 5 10 7 11 9 12 11 Table 1: Interesting enough, Venus who rules the exaltation sign of the Moon goes into debilitation in bhxvat 6 th house of Virgo. Bhavat bhavam applies to the house that is the same counted from a particular house in respect to lagna.

Even in the naisargika bala calculation, Mars and Venus form a pair.