Nog maar een maand en dan is het al weer tijd voor Lowlands! komt het blokkenschema online en kan je de LL18 app downloaden!. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘blokkenschema’ tag. I was prepared for Sophie’s Choice galore, but turns out this year’s Lowlands timetable . in Lowlands, music, music festivals | Tags: , blokkenschema, lineup, Lowlands, programma, programme, schedule, schema, timetable.

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After that there was some more Brooklyn based indie on the menu: Alle nieuwe namen voor Lowlands vind je hieronder:. From a cheeky girl to a cheeky chappy, next stop: I decided to skip the frenetic stylings of Crystal Fighters to check out Other Lives at the Charlie stage and was not disappointed.

Blood Red Shoes vs. Towards the end the band seemed to be feeding off the energy and warm response from the room and the encore was the the icing on a great gig and a wonderful evening. The gold earring sporting guitarist seemed to be having the time of his life at least, singer McElligott was a bit harder to gage.

Local Natives were up next. And social interaction with your festival mates is way overrated anyway, right? After the manic mayhem of the Odd Future gang I was in need of some soothing sounds, and who better to dish them up than the ethereal ladies of Warpaint? Right, back on my feet for some dancing moves I was off to see Lykke Liwhose second album I have played many a time over the last few months.


Lowlands blokkenschema vrijdag 2 |

Finishing off the festival in the Grolsch tent will be Sigur Ros. Best Kept Secret Info. I was lucky enough to stumble right into Wind Phoenixperfect sunny song of distorted genius to start lowlwnds weekend! Canadian electronic beatguru Caribou was cooking up a slow intoxicating mixture of psychedelic soundscapes.

If there were any doubts about Dutch sensation Kyteman and his Hiphop Orchestra justifying an Alpha slot, they were smashed to smithereens by thousands and thousands of festival goers pooring in and spreading out all around the tent.

But still, I was so looking forward to screaming All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!!! How can I be expected to be up, active and on terrain at Finishing off the festival in the Grolsch tent will be Sigur Ros.

Many young girls wearing jeans hotpants and Ray Bans were blokkenscgema the time of their lives though. Ook acts als Cinema Royale en Zwarte Koffie staan in augustus op het podium.

The perfect soundtrack to the end of a sunny Saturday afternoon. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I would recommend that you not miss them, however. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Or their lack of stage presence? Bit of a conundrum around 7 when CaribouJonsi and later Ginger Ninja and Air collide… Caribou will definitely get a look in though! After a semi-relaxed schedule on Friday the tables turned on Saturday and the running-around-like-a-blue-arsed-fly-phase announced itself.


And so I decide to enjoy Massive Attack from the sidelines with some much needed refreshment. Comments feed for this article. Festileaks is blokkendchema part of Setting The Stage.

Lowlands 2018 onthult line-up Hacienda

As for the piece de resistance, the festival closer, there is a final choice to be made: And grant me good running shoes. To kick off Lowlands I went to see the wonderfully sultry Anna Calviwho delivered her seductive roars while cradling her guitar close to her chest. I watched the whole spectacle from the top of the hill, and even from there it was impressive. These boys definitely know how to pull the stops out in a live show and the new songs fitted right in.

You could blokkenscheja the manic energy well outside the tent, with a roaring crowd to boot. Although the Brit brigade love the more jumpy early work, the songs off their last album get a great crowd reception too.