Writing under the pseudonym of Stefan Denaerde (Stef van de Aarde, Buitenaardse beschaving (‘Extraterrestrial Civilization’), with material added from its. The first book, “Buitenaardse Beschaving”, printed in Dutch, is an account of the contact experience up to the departure of . Stefan Denaerde and W. Stevens. Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga. Front Cover. Stefan Denaerde. N. Kluwer, – Interplanetary voyages – pages.

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Denaerde constateert verbijsterd hoe een zeer hoog sociaal niveau en verregaande technische kennis het leven bepalen op een planeet met meer dan inwoners per vierkante kilometer. They showed me two of their fully automatic factory complexes, one that produced cars and another that produced the trans-oceanic rail bridges. After all, the dinghy was only about thirty feet away from me. Volgens een Mufon-rapport waren er op 31 maart enkele getuigen die rond half negen in de avond een aantal vreemde lichten waarnamen boven Breckenridge.

After my own experience, I think that I understand the cause of the problem. In order for matter and energy or anything to exist, there must be an equal counterbalancing vibration. As you are well aware, I do not have access to denarrde information about the results of that study or anything else. They were like volcanoes. A point of particular interest in this case is the fact that this witness was told by the Iargan visitors themselves, that their group had contacted four other Earth humans in a similar manner, and had imparted similar information to each of them, and that once one of them got into print and denxerde known, the others would make an attempt to contact him.

There is much more to this book. I sprang overboard again and raced through the shallow water toward the ship as though the Devil were at my heels.

The camera continued to follow the fantastic journey along the rails and the two ladies who were at the moment playing with their children. In a socially stable society, you had not only freedom of speech, but, even more important, freedom of thought. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Krishnamurti bekend in de oren zullen klinken: In front, by the bow, about two feet, and aft, about four feet. The only means of checking the credibility of the observer is logic.


Silvia Milanesi marked fenaerde as to-read Aug 24, At ground level, around these stations, was a huge bading terminal for the transfer of freight from the rail containers to the wheeled transport.

Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga – Stefan Denaerde – Google Books

These additional connected individuals trusted me not beschaivng reveal my sources because I had been vouched for by my contacts and friends. They describe the Earth as the blue planet with the blinding light, and, in contrast, Iarga as the green planet with the misty light. Gerard Aartsen bestudeert al ruim 30 jaar de leringen van de Oude Wijsheid en zijn onderzoek op dat gebied heeft geresulteerd in een uitgebreide online catalogus van leringen.

Unbridled overpopulation and unbridled overproduction? The last category is articles for consumption and public services. People clutch what looks like brochures and move slowly in a single line, towards the country estate, b ored, and mildly interested. The three determining factors are: The hole was very deep; I was looking into the endlessness of the cosmos.

Just as we were approaching a large, green mountain lake with nearby buildings, the picture faded and was replaced by the now familiar view of the Iargans’ living areas, but I saw it now through different eyes, eyes which had begun to notice the wonderful perfection of this strange world; a world that sustained its huge population through utmost efficiency; a world without refuse, smells, exhaust gases, traffic jams and noise.

Temperature extremes are much less than here, but when you hear that the wind speed can reach three times our maximum, and that ram and snowfall can be as much as ten times greater, and you combine this with the fact that the terminal velocity is much higher, it becomes dear that it would be very unwise for any of Us to be caught in a rainstorm on Iarga! And on their right side was something that vaguely resembled a pistol. It’s interesting to fully understand what a cosmic universal economic system is.

Strange hollow knocking, interposed with screeches and clicks, it was an inferno of noise that echoed strangely in the small metal chamber in which I was sitting.

Ook in maart was het er raak: I heard that hissing sound and I looked back and that thing was gone. My photos showed that it indeed had 3 rods coming from it.

UFO Contact from Planet Iarga

Ief rated it it was ok Oct 19, To begin with, they must, by means of production adjustment, dispense with the law of supply and demand, and thereafter create a situation of unbridled prosperity, so that no one is troubled any more by material things.


Vrijheid is de afwezigheid van de gevolgen van dwang op het gedrag van het individu. Because of this, the human race has, as yet, no chance of eternal survival.

The speed of rotation is much slower than that of Earth, so that the duration of day and night is longer, but the regular tilting of the rings around the planet change certain days into nights and certain nights into days, due to the fact that the rings reflect the sunlight. And I come on back and get back to doing these things again. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Strangely, all the instruments and panels were mounted on the floor with walkways alongside and separated by vertical metal grills that reached the roof.

Personal property is an indication of a very primitive level of culture. These wheels only served the purpose of transporting the car from the cylinders to the rail system where, in contrast to the trains, they hung on magnetic shoes under the rails instead of above.

Maar allen delen gelijkelijk en werken voor het algemeen welzijn… De behoeften van het volk worden onpartijdig vastgesteld door [een orgaan van vertegenwoordigers die uit elk district en uit elke maatschappelijke rang worden gekozen], en problemen worden opgelost voor het algemeen welzijn van allen. Estimate the number of people living in the area that you see here.

Our Elder Brothers Return – A History In Books (present)

The interior was luxurious-two wide three-seat benches, and behind, the baggage space. It was a nightmare. One learns to live with things that are impossible to change.

An endless stream of words and short sentences formed a slender thread of explanation. Did I now know enough? Food and drink you will have to bring from your ship, which should stay here. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 26, Daarmee is de rotskunst op het Indonesische eiland Celebes ouder dan tekeningen die in Spanje en een beroemde grot in Frankrijk zijn gevonden.