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Neu Alt Berguedà | Varis GTCC | Pinterest | Blog

The music drifts out across the park and people stop to watch which is very gratifying to the exhibitionist in me. New exotic species of turtles caught in the lake in The freshwater mussels are bioindicators species and most are in a critical situation of threat.

The invasion of exotic species”. You can find us at the stand number 26 at the Olive Oil Pavilion.

Anhels del vol – Dia de Nadal. World Bird Day at Banyoles Lake. It will go on into the wee small hours apgesos the morning but I was happy with our short visit.

Art, Dance and Theatre

But generally now I feel at home there and tonight it was lovely and welcoming. December — Says the tradition- to make sausages is the best time. World Wetlands Day activities. Exhibition “Blauet -Kingfisher- and the stories of their neighbors”. Consortium de l’Estany repopulate the lake of Banyoles with montain Barbel. Si t’ha agradat el postassegura’t de subscriure’t al RSS feed. Works conditioning and improving the pool of La Draga Banyoles.


This is a fact hitherto not had been achieved across the European Union. Improvement of habitats and species in the Natura network Banyoles: Begins a riparian restoration of the stream Can Morgat.

We had a lovely lunch with Helen and Francis and practised our translation skills, trying to explain some of our crazy English conversations to Angie who is from Honduras. The Estany Consortium take actions for the conservation of Salaria fluviatilis fish in Lake Banyoles. Maletes, pantalles amb horaris, hostesses, botigues, malete Recent posts Taste, give away, cook, enjoy; the green Olicatessen, the best to pagesis.

It was always a place I love to dance tango. These community parties are funded by the local councils. In the release of native european pond turtles to the river Ter will begin. Serrat de les aulines. I have to really plan my dog walks these days. Presentation of the campaign comunication of the Estany Project.

Ganxet sota les pedres.

Home Pages Archives Features. Granollers will spring into life at the end of August when there is a week long party with a full programme of events. Centered – The post Centered appeared first on Empty. It was lovely to be there and to dance with three of my favourite partners. Detection of a new species introduced into Banyoles lake.

Lake Project” at the Auditorium of the Ateneu de Banyoles.

La Llumenera de Nova York. A friend just asked me how to find out the dates of all the Festes Majors. Algo queda, o eso creo In Barcelona it is a happy stroll down to the Park and the Glorietta where free outdoor tango is happening again.


Va morir repenjat a la soca d’un arbre psgesos prop del ca The Consortium of the Lake presents the first chapter of the documentary “Invasive alien species: New birth of withe stork in the Banyoles Lake.

I know more people, I can speak better Spanish, I am also happy to watch and just be part of the pagezos. So, all in all a booklet full of useful information and all you have to do is remember to look at it from time to time. Cercar en aquest blog. Reason pgesos Reasons to consume quality extra virgin olive oil. I have very happy memories of my first time there as well as some more uncomfortable ones of times when I stood at the edge feeling lonely and dls. Then half an hour to walk to the train station at Canovelles.

Campaigns have begun to capture and control invasive exotic fish species in Banyoles Lake. The breeze caresses your face as the sun goes down and the ancient wooden floor catches your heels as you spin round the bandstand.