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A (New) Weird Teratology: The tentacular monster as abcanny body in the work of China Miéville

The tentacled monster is a recognisable staple in the work of fantasy, horror and science fiction writers as a metaphor and motif for an invading “otherness” upon our established status quo. They simultaneously remind us of the wonders of our natural world but also defamiliarise it as something which is still significantly incomprehensible to us. …

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Visualising Video Palace: The Sound of Monstrosity

The podcast Video Palace is an intriguing text through which to examine monstrous embodiment, as the presence, texture, and appearance of its monsters is reconceptualised through sound alone.  This paper will demonstrate how Video Palace uses what could be considered “bad” noise, such as distortion, glitches, and interference, to assist the audience in their visualisation …

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What are Little Girls Made of? The Monstrous-Feminine Child in Frances Hardinge’s Cuckoo Song

Barbara Creed’s (1993) concept of the monstrous-feminine is widely used to explore sexism in speculative media. Creed’s focus on reproduction and sexual desire means explorations of the monstrous-feminine have centred on attitudes to young women and adults, even in children’s fiction. However, Wilkie-Stibbs (2006) notes children are also abjected in children’s literature, while Daniel (2006) …