The curriculum is built from the CFA Institute Body of Knowledge, taking you deep into investment management by cutting across these 10 key areas. Does anyone else have the Level II CBOK outline on the CFAI website? Steps to see CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). I. Ethical. Plan your course of study for the Level I CFA Examination. See .. the CFA Program are shown in the CBOK outline that can be found on.

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I was bored and checking out this forum. Analysis of Debt H. You are what you pretend to be. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. The CBOK is organized into ten major topic areas: Maratikus, I had a sneaking caf this was true.

Swaps Markets and Instruments F. The designation tells clients, employers, and colleagues that the charterholder has mastered a rigorous curriculum covering a broad range of investment topics and that he or she is committed to the highest ethical standards in the profession.

The curriculum for each level of the CFA Program is organized primarily around a functional area:.

Forward Markets and Instruments C. The Level II study program emphasizes asset valuation and includes applications of the tools and inputs including economics, financial statement analysis, and quantitative methods in asset cfs. Types of Alternative Investments and their Characteristics B. Ethical and professional standards are covered at all three levels of the curriculum. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.


CFA Society Winnipeg

The Level III study program emphasizes portfolio management and includes strategies for applying the tools, inputs, and asset valuation models in managing equity, fixed income, and derivative investments for individuals and institutions.

The curriculum for each level of fbok CFA Program is organized primarily around a functional area: Ethical and Professional Standards 2. Please enable scripts and reload this page. This mastery is achieved by using. Monetary and Fiscal Policy J. The CBOK is organized into ten major topic areas:. Do you have to enter your ID and password for this? Characteristics, Institutions, and Benchmarks C. Short-Term Financial Policy G.

Current CBOK on CFAI Website | AnalystForum

Cbokk — you guys are scaring me… I see all Level I topics: Steps to see which CBOK you have: Your exams arent even graded yet. Currency Exchange Rates I. Long-Term Financial Policy F. That is what we need.

No, these are all Level II topics…. Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning. I do see the exact same topics in mine too… thanks …but do you think this is the L2? Types of Derivative Instruments and their Characteristics B. But seriously, a scantron takes no time at all to grade… if you are above a certain score, maybe they pass you without having to look too closely.


Management of Institutional Investor Portfolios D. So even if this isnt it, you can find out a few days early by trying to register for LII early. Read more about the curriculum development PDF. JensensalphaMale Jun 18th, 7: JaRvEy Jun 18th, 4: The Monetary System F. Sampling and Estimation E. Time Series Analysis H.

Probability Distributions and Descriptive Statistics D. Analysis of Global Operations M. Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning A. Those topics are level I. Financial Reporting and Analysis 5. Please enable scripts and reload this cbbok. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

He is actually making that call to all candidates who passed. I mean the SAT results come back in less than 30 days and thats for like 1, high school kids. Professional Standards of Practice B.

This is what I see: