A true, bestselling story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror, the madness, and the trauma of the Vietnam War More than half. Chickenhawk has ratings and reviews. Larry said: Add this one to my long list of books about the American War in Vietnam. I am the right age to. Mar 28, The Paperback of the Chickenhawk by Robert Mason at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When I was flying, my life was in my own hands. I guess I never truly understood how brutal this war was. Mason gives the reader not much more than the bare facts, but in this case, again, the bare facts are enough. Mason for chiickenhawk local Vietnamese people; he becomes amazed with their own ability of survivability and their engineering techniques that are considered then mqson most to be primitive; Mr. But the book had not yet been bought by a publisher, and, of course, Mason had no way of knowing it would someday earn him half-a-million dollars.

I woud have been petrified!

But it is not nearly as clear what other factors shaped his attitudes, what made him the individual he is-apart from his identity as a former combat pilot-and what his suffering during and after the war taught him.

As Mason approaches the end of his deployment, Augusthe develops some signs of post-traumatic stress disorder which would grow worse after his return. Mason was desperate enough to accept, and most of this memoir deals with the consequences of that decision-a long and arduous sail to South America to pick up the merchandise, the trip home, the arrest and 20 months in Eglin, a minimum security federal prison on the grounds of Eglin Air Force Base.

The roaring rush of the turbines, and the rotors swing lazily as the ships shut down. The old man said nothing about Morris except that we ought to get some money together for flowers for his wife, but Sherman took it upon himself to give a little speech that night. In his memoir, “Chickenhawk,” Robert Mason described the life of a U.

A direct, honest, unpretentious, highly-informative and well-written story — I couldn’t put it down until I was through. The only work to be found was delivering newspapers. But it does let you know that being a helicopter pilot in a war zone is a complex job. Regardless, you may well feel this urge to go fly.



Never got bored with it. Sadly h This is a great read for Vietnam Veterans or those interested in how it really was. As reader it brings you into an understanding why people and soliders do the crazy things they do. He captures in detail the everyday training, missions, conversations, action, frivolity and mundanity of Army life. I cringe at the deliberate rudeness with which Bob was treated.

A year of flying into hot landing zones mus A precise chronological depiction of life as a helicopter pilot leading up to and during the Vietnam war.

Now we have unmanned drones that kill from the air and humans that blow themselves up in a crowd. Running behind in our proper death ratio were we? Mason’s post-Vietnam activities were expanded upon in Mason’s sequel, Chickenhawk: Vietnam made an impression on those who fought there; Mason is writing about events and feelings years later and it seems like you are right there. Mason born March 20, is a Vietnam War veteran and author of several books, including his first, best-selling memoir: While I found myself disliking Robert Mason, his book and his brutal honesty is hard not to respect.

Or was I seeing the wrong way? Perhaps the best book about service in Vietnam, so many of the books about Vietnam are literary frauds, but this one rings true from start to finish. It is the story of Army helicopter pilot Robert Mason and his life and experiences beginning in from trainee following through in detail his time of service in the Vietnam War and period afterwards.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is a diagram at the beginning of the book of a helicopter with all the major parts named. Throughout the narrative Mason supplies the reader the historical context of what was occurring on the ground in Vietnam. In addition, he pours his heart out about what he witnesses and cannot cope with. There would be no spectators except for the news reporters — unless you want to count the men in the parade as spectators, and of course they were.

At the first sound of the returning ships, I went outside and watched. There is nothing that should worry any parent, but the book is an honest account of one young man’s experiences, it doesn’t condone drugs, illicit sex or violence but is a great fast paced read. Vietnam WarHelicopter. Guess that makes us chickens.


Chickenhawk (book) – Wikipedia

I had long wondered what it was like for those who were in Vietnam and this account, by Robert Mason, a helicopter pilot, gives us a good look at the conditions which the troops over there had to work under, as well as the author’s questioning of why they were there and how to tell friend from foe.

Just as Mason was about to begin serving his sentence, “Chickenhawk” was published to wide acclaim, and he does an excellent job of setting the drudgery and humiliation of prison life against his sudden success as a writer.

Back in the Worldpublished in Hundreds of bone-weary soldiers gathered at the artillery emplacements and began the five-mile stretch back to the airstrip. What worlds apart we were!! He wrote steadily submitting each third of the manuscript on time.

What, for instance, made him choose an illegal solution to his poverty, when other veterans and other poor people do not?

Robert Mason (writer)

He could have shaved much detail from this book and still had a hit on his hands, but he gave everything he had to Chickenhawk and it became a special pie What a terrific book.

Of that number 7, were Hueys, almost all of which were US Chicmenhawk.

You can begin to understand the despair and subsequent descent into alcohol and wild behavior as they keep going back to take territory they had already taken before, with constant loss of friends. Mar 26, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: In earlywhile awaiting chickehnawk on the criminal charges, Mason learned that Viking Press had purchased Chickenhawk and started work on finishing the book.

I can see why so many helicopter pilots have read this text, as Mason describes the terrifically challenging circumstances that he deals with for combat landings and take-offs, as well as all too human appreciation for the breakdown in the military and on a person’s soul from struggling through such a terrible conflict.