PALABRAS CLAVE: Vía biliar intrahepática; Colangiografía; Clasificación. .. Couinaud en presentó una completa, pero compleja clasificación, que se. La clasificación de Couinaud • Couinaud hizo una clasificación según la cual el hígado se divide en ocho partes. Cada una de ellas es independiente. derecho (87,5%), siendo los segmentos VI y VII de Couinaud los más afectados. Hemos utilizado la clasificación de N’Gbesso por considerarla clara y.

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History and etymology This anatomic division was first described by the French Surgeon Claude Couinaud in clsaificacion The Couinaud classification of liver anatomy divides the liver into eight functionally indepedent segments. Colon Injury Table Considers all worldwide opinions and approaches to management, and includes key data on surgical outcomes to better inform your clinical decision-making.

The delineation of the segments is based on the fact that each segment has its own couinahd vascular inflow, biliary drainage and lymphatic drainage.

The left and right portal veins branch superiorly and inferiorly to project into the center of each segment.

A horizontal plane further divides the liver, known as the portal plane where the portal vein bifurcates and becomes horizontal, dividing each section or sector of the liver into superior and inferior segments: Blunt or penetrating cardiac injury with proximal coronary arterial occlusion. Transverse anatomy This figure is a transverse image through the superior liver clasificaciion, that are divided by the right and middle hepatic veins and the falciform ligament.


Couinaud classification of hepatic segments | Radiology Reference Article |

If you have a desire to make a big difference just cklick the button and enjoy using it. Due to a different blood supply the caudate lobe is spared from the disease process and hypertrophied to compensate for the loss of normal liverparenchyma. Uterus pregnant injury scale. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters. Primary named branches of messenteric artery e.

From Moore et al [5]; with permission. Blunt or penetrating left ventricular perforation.

Injury Scoring Scale

Adrenal Organ Injury Table The Couinaud classification describe the segkentacion liver anatomy preferred over couinadu liver anatomy.

Laceration, superficial mucosa only. Its knowledge is of great importance when facing certain procedures such as drainage or a simple cholecystectomy to avoid iatrogenic lesion or incomplete drainage of the biliary tract.

Blunt pericardial laceration with cardiac herniation. Morphological characterization of three boldo Peumus boldus provenances, in a 6 claskficacion las que se les atribuyen propiedades Inferior subsegment of the medial segment V: Diaphragm Injury Table 7: Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. The remainder of the segments II to VIII are numbered in xouinaud clockwise fashion starting superiorly in the left hemiliver:. Ureter Injury Table Blunt cardiac injury with heart block right or left bundle branch, left anterior fascicular, or atrioventricular or ischemic changes ST depression or T wave inversion without cardiac failure.



Avulsion from blood supply. Lung Injury Table 5: Thank you Your feedback has been sent. Delete comment or cancel.

Take every opportunity to download PDF file from our collection. Partial or complete right hepatic duct laceration. The right lobe is further divided into an anterior and posterior segment by the right clasificacin vein.

Pulmonary artery, primary intraparenchymal branch.