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Arhimandritul Gheorghios – Scrieri athonite pe teme contemporane.

Remete Gheorghe – Dogmatica Ortodoxa. They have known how to defend themselves with the sword in their slre against the Ottoman invasion, and thus became the watchmen of Europe.

Ioanichie Balan – Parintele Paisie duhovnicul. Ct privete pe doctoranzii, masteranzii i studenii facultii noastre care au luat parte la xinaxare ntrunire ecumenic, precum i la un trend, desfurat ntre 14 i 25 iuniesub egida Trinity College Dublin, putem afirma c a fost n primul rnd o benefic ntlnire cu tineri aparinnd altor Biserici cretine, cu care au legat prietenii; roadele acestora se vor vedea n decursul anilor ce vor urma.

Nu mai puin se cuvine a aduce clduroase mulumiri i prinilor ortodoci romni de la Biserica romneasc din Dublinprecum i tmenite mpreun cu care ne-am rugat; n mod deosebit, familiei Printelui Godffrey ODonnell, pentru dragostea pe care o are fa de Ortodoxia romneasc.

Parohia “Sf. Nectarie Taumaturgul” – Coslada (Madrid)

This moment coincides with the setting up of the Ecumenical Council of Churches, in Amsterdam, through the sprf of 47 delegates, those representing the Orthodox Church being in a less number due to the fact that the great majority of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe was a constitutive part of the Soviet camp. As one can easily see, the concerns regarding the answer that the Church of Christ was supposed to give as regards the postmodern challenges, announced by the so- called liberalization of the private- or intimate- or dinn life in America, had made already their presence be felt.

It also must be said that- in the spirit of the interconfessional co- operation- in the last decades was founded The Interconfesional Biblical Society in Romania, its first upmost achievement being the publication of a translation of the Bible into Romanian, following the example of the interconfessional translations published in other languages- as pointed out in the Preface of the edition of the New Sinaxar published in De aceea se interzice crestinilor si cu atat mai mult arhiereilor sa intre in sinagogile evreilor, si cu atat mai mult sa se roage acolo, sa primeasca daruri sau sa tina prelegeri ecumeniste.


Constantin Papanace – Destinul unei generatii. It is exactly because of this that we must not forget the fact that these truths have been, and are confessed by the Romanian Orthodox Church not only at a theoretical level, but especially at a practical level by helping those who suffer, regardless of their faith and nationality.

Tia Teofil – Psihologie Pastorala. Maica Ecaterina Monica Fermo -Ispitele lumii moderne-agresivitatea mass-media Ca luna n zorii unei zile noi, ea este n ntregime scldat n mrirea soarelui care va s vin dup ea.

Relaia lui Hristos cu Mama Sa, temei al rolului ei de mijlocitoare Pornind de la premisa c Fecioara Maria este Mama Fiului lui Dumnezeu, Care S-a ntrupat ca s rscumpere lumea de sub puterea celui ru, Ioan Paul II i atribuie Mariei un loc precis n istoria mntuirii i o funcie strict soteriologic.

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Maxim Marturisitorul – Cugetari Crestine. In our Eastern spirituality the repentance does not destroy the man; on the contrary, it proposes the psycho-physical integrity of the dispassionate one and not his decomposition into non-being.

However, init was founded in the Great Britain the Association for the promotion of the Temnute Union; and in the last decade of the 19th century, the meeting between the Lord Halifax and the French Father lazar Fernand Poertal determined the setting up of The Anglo- Roman Review and the supporting of the acknowledgement of the Anglican ordainments whose validity had been cancelled through the papal bull entitled Apostolicae Curae, in A century that has not come to an end yet In this way one could refer to the last years since the Edinburgh Conference, an anniversary moment that is to be commemorated in many parts of the world.


Urged by the sinaxarre and the disputes that took place in Corinth, the Apostle to the Gentiles comes and gives new explanations concerning the truth of the apostolic faith: Rather, we must choose to do good in the world and choose the practice of His commandments to love one another and to love God above all else.

All nations should live in the most beautiful isnaxare, growing from the root which God has given them. But I have always submitted myself to the will of God and I never wanted to hide from hardships.

God – Revista ARMONIA – Saltmin Media

Episcop Ioan, mare sihastru in muntii Carpati. Atunci nu va mai fi voie de mers la Biserica.

Antihrist va aparea la televizor. Owning property in America turned out to be the best economic investment a person could make. If from all these notifications- held up in the chapter A.

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Ambrozie – Scrieri II. This reality can be noticed both within the frame dkn historic data and of the natural development of this nation, and, particularly, in the literary works which refer to the Romanian people.

They had found themselves so weak and helpless that Moscow started questioning them. Haught – Stiinta si religie.

The spiritual ascent is dual and consecutive: Cuvintele i gesturile tuturor celor cu care sin mprtit bucuria de a aduce mpreun laud lui Dumnezeu ne vor rmne vii n suflete, pentru c i ele fac parte din experiena duhovniceasc pe care ne-a prilejuit-o periplul spriritual n locurile pe care vechii greci le considerau a fi mult-cutatele cmpii Elisee Trebuie doar sa ne rugam si Dumnezeu ne va ajuta.