The Dowland Manuscript (Annotated) (Constitution Series Book 3) – Kindle edition by James Dowland, Bonificio Masonic Library. Download it once and read it. The oldest of this kind is the manuscript of a poem called. Constitutiones artis In , James Dowland published in Gentleman’s Magazine the copy of an old. late 16th/early 17th century manuscript with lute music by John Dowland by lemon-kun in Types > School Work, manuscript, and dowland.

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Unlike the majority of the old constitutions, which are written on rolls, the Cooke manuscript is written on sheets of vellum, four and three-eighth inches high and three and three eighth inches broad mm x 86mm bound into a book, still retaining its original oak covers. It turned up in Yorkshire during the s, but its exact origin is unknown, Lancashire, Northumberland, and South Scotland all being suggested.

The oldest, the Regius poem, is unique in being set in verse. The Schaw Statutes were issued from Edinburghwhere Schaw seems to have met with representatives of lodges from central and eastern Scotland to formulate these regulatory principles.

They differ mainly in having the giving of the Mason Word as the first part of the text, followed by the catechism of the first and second degrees in the form of questions and answers. The charges and regulations of the Antients were derived from Anderson by way of Pratt’s Irish Constitutions.

It was in the —39 session of the Royal Society that James Halliwellwho was not a Freemason, delivered a paper on “The early History of Freemasonry in England”, based on the Regius, which was published in Also, many of the words written years ago mean something quite different in our language of today, so, The first entry, on 28 Decemberis a copy of the first Schaw statutes.

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As the first Grand Lodge gathered momentum the Rev. The records trace the development of the lodge from an operative to a speculative society.

Modern opinion seems resigned to letting York Manuscript number 4 remain a paradox. Moreover, when Abraham and Sara his wife went into Egipt, there he taught the Seaven Sciences to the Egiptians; and he had a worthy Scoller that height Ewclyde, and he learned right well, and was a master of all the vij Sciences liberall.

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The tradition of deriving freemasonry from Noah seems to be shared with Anderson see Printed Constitutions above. It is believed to have been written during the operative stone mason times during the late Middle Ages: In an attempt to paper over the crack created by the first meeting, Edinburgh was declared the first and principle lodge, Kilwinning the second and head lodge. There follows the legend of the Four Crowned Martyrsa series of moral aphorisms, and finally a blessing.


Speth postulated, inthat these sources were much older than the manuscript, a view that remained unchallenged for over a century. And thus was the scyence grounded there; and that worthy Mr. There follow nine articles and nine points, and the document finishes in a similar manner to the Regius.

And this was the first tyme that ever Masons had any charge of his science. That they should be true each of them to other, and that they should love truly together, and that they should serve their lord truly for their pay; so that the master may have worshipp, and all that long to him. And now it is called through all this land Masonrye. Unfortunately, the original is now lost. The minutes of manusscript old lodge at Yorkwhich later called itself the Grand Lodge of All Englandgive a glimpse of masonry outside the Grand Lodges dosland the period.

Before Noyes floode there was a man called Lameche as it is written in the Byble, in the iiijth chapter of Manjscript and mabuscript Lameche had two wives, and the one height Ada and the other height Sella; by his first wife Ada he gott two sonns, and that one Jahell, and thother Tuball, and by that other wife Sella he gott a son and a daughter.

Happily, for us, after discovering the Old Manuscripts, our Masonic historians through the years have studied them and written much about them in laymen’s language that we can understand. If you believe that these Old Charges, From the reign of Henry VI to the Elizabethan period, that is from about tosurviving documents show the evolution of a legend of masonry, starting before the flood, and culminating in diwland re-establishment of the craft of masonry in York during the reign of King Athelstan.

John No 1 bis. A very few manuscripts have a separate Apprentice Charge. Back manusript Old Charges to Masonic Education. Later minutes show the lodge adding ritual, and developing a dpwland degree system from a single ceremony where a candidate was admitted and made a Fellow Craft in one evening.

For this reason, every lodge had a copy of its charges, occasionally written into the beginning of the minute book, but usually as a separate manuscript roll of parchment. Manuscgipt Manuscript Posted on March 13, by michaellangford And also that they should come and semble together every yeare once, how they might worke best to serve the lord for his profitt, and to their own worshipp; and to correct within themselves him that had trespassed against the science.

And that they should deserve their paie of the lord, or of the master that they serve. Haughfoot was a hamlet, consisting mainly of a staging post for horses and carriages, in the Scottish Borders near the village of Stow.

The origins of the Regius are obscure.

Masonic manuscripts

Our intent is to tell you trulie how and in what manner these stones were found, that thise sciences were written in. Records of the operative lodge at York Minster are included in the rolls relating to the ‘fabric’ the building material of the construction, starting with an undated entry from about —, and ending in The first entries are terse and not always dowoand, expanding as successive secretaries became more conscientious.


And other many moe charges that longe to tell. The bottom scene shows an altar flanked by two pillars, all surrounded by more or less familiar masonic symbols.

Dowland Manuscript | michaellangforddotorg

Webarchive template wayback links Webarchive template archiveis links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Use dmy dates from September The Old Charges of the masons’ lodges were documents describing the duties of the members, part of which the charges every mason had to swear on admission. Kilwinning, far from being appeased, took no further part in the dealings of Schaw’s lodges. And when he was in his estate he tooke Masons, and did help to make men Masons that were none, and set them to worke, and gave them both the charge and the manners and good paie, as he had learned of other Masons; and confirmed them a Chartor from yeare to yeare, to hold their semble wher they would; and cherished them right much; And thus came the science into France.

In this, it differs from the prose of all the later charges.

Again, the charges take the form of an oath on a sacred book. Andrew Sinclair, a leading proponent of Freemasonry’s descent from the Knights Templarhailed it as a great mediaeval treasure, comparable with the Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral. And there was one of the Regal lyne of France, that height Charles Martell; and he was a man that loved well such a science, and drew to this Maymus Grecus that is above said, and learned of him the science, and tooke upon him the charges and manners; and afterwards, by the grace of God, he was elect to be Kinge of France.

Dowland Manuscript – Supposed Its dating and the meaning of its symbols have generated considerable debate. And then they did crye through all the realme, if there was any man that could informe them, that he should come to them, and he should be soe rewarded for his travail, that he should hold him pleased.

The Dowland Manuscript was first printed in the Gentleman’s Magazine in Schaw also insisted that each lodge employ a notary, which resulted in the Scottish lodges starting to keep minutes.