In , DuPont introduced Imron® polyurethane enamel, characterizing it as ” the wet look that lasts” because of its gloss, chemical resistance. DuPont Imron® Industrial Strength is the next generation of Imron® technology. Based upon patented DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron®. A search on Imron and paint seems to turn up a wealth of knowledge on prep. So I’m good on prep. How about actual application? The paint.

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I agree with Crockett, there are much better newer paints than Imron. Go talk to the guy behind the counter at your local paint supply store and see what he reccomends. There is no special angle or distance to be sprayed.

Most mixing systems are found in the large fleet repair shop or the colors are premixed at a DC and drop shipped direct to the manufacturer. Just “God Awful” ugly. Imron is a 30 year old product! Hey, Frank do we still have your ear???

It has a tendency to form small blister. Finally, she did set me up with all the proper personal protective equipment – resperator, suit, hood, gloves that dont’ dissolve. I’d go with a base coat clear coat with a hardner in the clear.

Mon Mar 28, 3: Results 1 to 9 of 9. The paint booth was a Multi-Million Dollar setup. Is it hardness, chemcial reisitance, adheasion, or what? I have heard Union Pacific is now using industrial Imron, where did you or do you work? Make yourself at home These colors are “fleet” colors. Thanks for the reply. S-W, PPG and others have similar products that are as good or better. Your short message goes here. Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: And it is nasty stuff so dont breath it in.


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The Imron I’m using will be a metallic instead of flat. Free lance adviser “Hitting the pavement at mph really smarts” Evel Knievel. The colors are there for that, but not your blue metallic on your Chevy truck. I painted a 16 ft Wellcraft with Imron once. A search on Imron and paint seems to turn up a wealth of knowledge on prep.

Wed Apr 27, 1: Imron is awesome and cheap. I sanded and buffed it and it looked like some classic paint shop did it. IMRON was often applied to frames, rear ends, and so on for the underside of projects too. Contact your Annex Industrial Coatings representative for specific recommendations. dupotn

DuPont Imron Industrial Strength High Gloss Polyurethane Gallon

Coca-Cola used to have their vehicles ie: They sprayed it much like when using lacquer – basically no protection. Fri Oct 01, 3: I did get some grit sandpaper, so I’m ready for that. Store Front Forums Info Center. Product Stewardship is a shared responsibility! If you can deal with those issues, go for it. Use a good overlap to keep the paint wet looking.

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Click here to purchase Tamco Primers and Clearcoats. Here is a quad frame i painted in imron about a year and half ago.

DuPont Imron Elite 8840S Clear Gallon

Would ask why DuPont did away with it if you happen to know – directed to Frank? I’m going to paint the whole thing with a “High Build 2K” primer first, then I’ll start with the bottom of the hull so that if anything gets jacked, it’s not all that visible.

Ever thought of Awl Grip? For Product delivery greater than 60 miles from the San Fernando Valley California please contact us for shipping information. When I searched on Vupont, almost all of the hits were with regards to airplanes. My general idea right now is to go for light coats and just do multiple light coats until it looks good.

There are much easier to apply products out there that are, as good, if not better quality than Imron.