Alien Races and their descriptions, Inner Earth, Multi-dimensional and Off World Aliens described by Mary Sutherland. This is the best venue to see Atlantic salmon leaping the falls. There are viewing platforms above the river and you will experience the thrill of watching the fish. Extraterrestrial Biological Entities may be classified into two distinct categories as follows: a. EBE Type I. These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for.

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On occasion you might journey through 4 seasons’ worth These have shown up periodically over the last ten years.

Even strong critics such as Captain Kevin Randle ret acknowledge Stone’s pioneering research in bringing to the public information concerning UFO crash retrieval teams http: The full transcript of the July 20 interview with Sgt Stone is forthcoming in the inaugural edition of the Exopolitics Journal.

They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and their symbology usually includes the Winged Serpent. There does not seem to be anything more than a peripheral connection between the Antarcticans, the Telosian and the Pleiadean ‘blondes’ i.

Please use my personal search engine, type in topic, click search and all the pages I have created on that topic will shown to you. My overall conclusion is that Stone is very credible due to the meticulous nature of his testimony, the consistency in his story, his obvious integrity, and because of the documents eeb has been able to provide demonstrating the existence of elite UFO crash retrieval teams sbe the classified Moon Dust and BlueFly projects.

Nippur was also known as Kodesh. Consequently, Stone’s pioneering documentary research ebs UFO crash retrievals is strong support for his testimony of actually having served on such teams during his military service. AGHARIANS – or Aghartians A group of Asiatic or Nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the Gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a eeb kingdom within, one which has been interacting with other-planetary systems up until current times.

Clifford Stone – and Alien Races

The present inhabitants have no direct GENETIC relation to the ancient ‘Atlantean’ society which is said to have controlled these cavern systems several millennia ago, but are referred to as ‘Atlanteans’ simply because they are descendants of those who re-discovered and inhabited the ancient Atlan installations.

Return to Michael Salla. Nimrod unlike Abraham did not believe in an guidebok deity. The author and investigator often takes visitors on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on anomalous phenomena. My overall conclusion is that Stone is very credible due to the meticulous nature of his testimony, the consistency in his story, his obvious integrity, and because of the documents he has been able to provide demonstrating the existence of elite UFO crash retrieval teams under the classified Moon Dust and BlueFly projects.


For example, in reviewing a Air Force Intelligence letter known as the Betz memoSgt Stone was able to reveal to the general public evidence that Project Moon Dust involved a: In a rite to the maize goddess, a virgin danced for 24 hours, then was killed and skinned; her skin was worn by a guisebook in further dancing. Like many whistleblowers, there is controversy over inconsistencies between his testimony and lack of documentary evidence to verify his alleged training and actual service.

Sgt Stone first saw the ” EBE Guidebook ” in and claims that it contained much information on each of group of EBEs in terms of their physiology, food requirements and medical information. As you would come to expect on Scotland’s West Coast the sand is beautifully light, and the water turquoise in colour.

In the interview, he gave the example of Iodine which can be administered for first aid purposes, but can be deadly for some EBEs. Army and claims he was covertly recruited into an elite UFO retrieval team due to his natural ability to interface with extraterrestrial biological entities EBEs.

It is put together, in a local building a redundant churchby local people, with the help of a few qualified historians, and looked after by enthusias Michael Rosenthal The information on the Nommo’s That I have seen is that they are a reptilian race of beings. The compilation of such a guidebook suggests a very well coordinated and funded research program exists in the classified projects involving EBEs and ETVs.

This suggests extensive knowledge was likely gained through a number of sources: Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books Living in the Light: Stone’s successful FOIA requests of documents describing classified projects, gives credence to his claims that he had first hand knowledge of these classified projects, and was very likely involved with Projects Moon Dust and Bluefly as a crash retrieval specialist.

Sgt Stone claimed in the interview that during his military service he was monitored by an individual whose rank he was never told but whom he called ‘ Colonel’. They are the ones that are at war with the Orions, which are the ones that manipulate the Greys.

Most northerly point of Scotland with superb views. The full transcript of the July 20 interview with Sgt Stone is forthcoming in the inaugural edition of the Exopolitics Journal see http: It is said by some that Aryan-Nazi scientists actually developed disk-shaped aircraft capable of very advanced aerial performance, and that swastika’s have been seen on a few aerial disks. Nowhere, however, is her gift for perception more developed than in her latest title.


This is what a local museum should be like. The implications of the existence of an ‘EBE Guidebook’ is startling since it suggests that the covert government agencies and military departments dealing with UFOs have long since resolved the truth of the extraterrestrial hypothesis ETH.

Handbooks 2018

This geo-political analysis is therefore very likely to lead to a ‘balance of power’ analysis of the multiple EBE groups and how various nation states may achieve their strategic goals in response to visiting EBE groups. If guideboko in Wick, then this small distillery is well worth a visit.

The information he provided in the interview guidebooj very consistent with earlier interviews conducted by other investigators such as Paola Harris one of which is available online at: Eeb great birdwatching areas where you can walk around the clifftop with care from Brough to the lighthouse and see birds such as Peregrine Falc It is also likely that such agencies have developed a very sophisticated analysis of guiebook motivations and activities of EBEs that go far beyond any analysis available in the public arena see http: There appears to be more than one ‘Blond’ human society involved in the UFO scenarios, and especially subterranean human societies may have developed ‘blond’ hair due to lack of sunlight.

The fact that Sgt Stone was able to ferret out the existence of such classified projects despite previous denial of their existence by various military and government authorities, supports his testimony that he had first hand knowledge of these classified projects. Monkey Gods using monkey laborers to build a bridge in Lanka. Down the coast to Whaligoe Steps and harbour via the stacks, geos small fjords and caves which define the spectacular Caithness coastal The winding 5 mile single track road over rough moorland to the lighthouse is an experience in itself.

On a sunny day as we had it was a couple of wonderf If Stone was only ever a typist, as Capt Randle suggests, then it would be hard to explain how a clerk typist would have knowledge of classified projects such as Moon Dust and Bluefly that prior to Stone’s successful FOIA requests, were officially denied to exist.

Karl – humaneze from India. Capt Randle doesn’t accept Stone’s argument that the clerical training on his military record was only a cover for his specialized training in specialized units such as the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare training facility.