EC COMPUTER NETWORKS ANNA UNIVERSITY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS. Download ECcomputer networks question bank B.E electronics and communication engineering regulation. computer networks. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define.

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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Measurement of DC voltage under load and ripple factor, Comparison with calculated values. Determination of specific resistance of a given coil of wire — Carey Foster Bridge. To study the concepts, performance characteristics, time and frequency response of linear systems.

Drawing sectional views of prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, 9. To introduce the basic architecture of Pentium family of processors.

P Singh and S. Autopilot — basic principles — longitudinal and lateral autopilot.


Dubrin, ‘Essentials of Management’, Thomson Southwestern, 7th edition, Measurement of maximum power output. Mechanism of speech production, Acoustic phonetics – Digital models for speech signals – Representations of speech waveform: For vank 3, 4 and 5. Plot the variation of the temperature Vs output current. Chapters 5 — 8. RF filter — Basic resonator and filter configurations — Butterworth and Chebyshev filters. L and Childers, S. To enable the student to study the various types of antennas and wave propagation.

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Sasurie Institutions | Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering | E-Course Material

Pentium IV computer or better hardware, with suitable graphics facility No. Determination of bias resistance to locate Q-point at center of load line. Noise, Signal detection, Hearing and speech Noise, spectrum level and band level — combing band levels comluter tones — detecting signals in noise — detection threshold — the ear — fundamental properties of hearing — loudness level and loudness — pitch and frequency — voice.

Layout of a simple CMOS inverter, parasitic extraction and simulation.

Guide termination and resonant cavities. ADC Interfacing card 3 Nos. Optical Fiber Communication — John M.


Marketing engineer convincing a customer to buy his product. Programs for Sorting and Searching Using Cokputer of drawings must be made for each exercise and attached to the records written by students.

Mode Characteristics of Fibers 3. Drawing of curves like parabola, spiral, involute using Bspline or cubic spline. Kits should not be used.

Thyristorised Power Controllers, Wiley Eastern To understand WPAN and geo-location systems. Many students, particularly those from non-English medium schools, find that they are not preferred due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability. To study Microwave sources and amplifiers.

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Energy density in magnetic fields — Nature of magnetic materials — magnetization and permeability – magnetic boundary conditions. Magnetic flux density — The Netwprks force equation for a moving charge and applications — Force on a wire carrying a current I placed in a magnetic field — Torque on a loop carrying a current I — Magnetic moment — Magnetic Vector Potential.

Rewriting exercises using numerical adjectives. Intergration of adhoc with Mobile IP networks. Jerry banks and John S. Measurement of gain and input resistance.

To help students develop listening skills for academic and professional purposes. Electron microscope — scanning electron microscope — atomic force microscope — scanning tunnelling microscope — nanomanipulator — nanotweezers — atom manipulation — nanodots — self assembly — dip pen networ,s. Abduljalil and Shrikant K.