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I certainly had a great time reading it. How do I despise Liv? Poor Baird walks around frustrated and is cranky at times. Being the first sci fi erotic romance book I have read, I stumbled across it after looking for more paranormal romance novels after finishing the twilight series.

She did not pu This was setting up to be a compdometido over evangelin top sci-fi sex romp. I bet you have no idea what I mean do you, Olivia?

Evangeline Anderson – Roto para Siempre | Jardín De Sakuras

He was so perfect it me feel a little ill! Kindle Edition1st editionpages. The Kindred is a strong race but with very few Kindred woman they have found their brides from other planets. You get to knock back a shot every time the heroine denies being in heat. View all 27 comments. A society with highly predatory males with an extremely high sex drive it is VERY VERY improbable that the female gender would be revered and protected instead of raped and abused.

I understood her desire to stay on Earth and continue in her chosen field she had just graduated from nursing school and to stay with her friends and her twin sister, but when push came to shove and she started to give in to Baird sexually, she blamed him. Thanks for the warning. I’m totally on board with that. Evangeline is great at writing steamy tension with wonderful, seductive heroes.


Trivia About Claimed Brides o So, I gave this book a five star, when the heroine actually pushed this book to a three star on multiple occasions. First though he must get through the month long claiming period where every week a new test of resistance is given to Oliva. That takes some skill, I tell you what. Brides anedrson the Kindred 1. I also think esclago occasionally has good creative ideas like the genetic trading thing that could be expanded on a lot further.

Esclavo Comprometido – Evangeline Anderson (YunJae Mode)

Baird though has been dream evanegline with Olivia for six long months. And if this were to happen. Nasally, horrible opposite gender impressions. View all 18 comments. Claimed is an erotic romance, if the cover and title left any doubt. Although Liv pissed me off, I did like this book alot, it had humour killer blue teddy bears called Bebo!

After saving Earth from the threat of invasion they demand a reward—the right to find brides among the population. May 21, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Number 1 why would you fight your soulmate?

Like I said at the beginning I loved the story, the writing style it was easy to get sucked anderxon this book and the world building and Baird, but Olivia was just too much for me. No, because Baird actually never gave up his intentions or his belief system.

Olivia is drafted or “called” by Baird to be his bride after having shared dreams with him for 6 months during Baird’s captivity by the Scourge.

And, yes, I’m still looking covetously at the rest of the books in the series. I found the 4-week claiming period Ms.

Kat, the twins friend was also really good and I am hoping that she will get a book as well. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of evangeoine before it occurred to her to try and get paid for Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing.


Talk about alpha overload. Overall though I enjoyed this audio. I mean the claiming leaves very little rights to the female in the first 30 days. The push and pull is relentless from her and at times just simply tiresome but the hot alien alpha male Baird has you turning pages for more. If the book is science fiction, then I want science, not furry little alien creatures running around.

Set in the very near future, an alien race known as the Kindred are protecting the earth from another alien race known as the Scourge. She did not put out like she was supposed to. Pity that I actually liked the concept. Nov 02, Future Slayer Girl rated it it was amazing Andersonn So much so that I actually bought it half way through this one!

Sophia Livs sister was not helping the book she acted like it was Livs duty to come back to earth for her. Apr 23, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: Or so I thought until I got to the all-protein, low-cal alien worms th I was torn between enjoying this and finding it a serious eye-roller.

I found myself reading one straight after another. Week three is the tasting period. In making an alliance with the Kindred, the powers that be agreed to have the suitable females put into a draft where if drafted they would have a month with the Kindred who had chosen her and make a choice at the end of the month whether they would evanheline with their fated mate.