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Whereas the system of production that relies on the rice fields is under threat and, as a consequence of this, the existence of the Delta too, since without the rice, the flooded fields and everything that supports the environment would disappear.

Even taking account of these fees, his total income from EU sources is lower than the remuneration that he would receive as official in active service. It also highlights that the same designated points of import that have facilities to sample hazelnuts for aflatoxins are considered to be in a position to sample for pesticide residues.

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Can the Commission say how it verifies and monitors the compliance of all Member States with their obligation ej establish multi-annual national programmes to monitor pesticide residues and the way in which they incorporate the Turkish hazelnut?

This would not be accepted anywhere in the world. No sum is forecast to be carried over to Throwing some light on German banks. If not, why not? A leading figure from the ruling AK Party stated that this means that the drafting of gioavnni new constitution has been shelved for the time being. The EU is aware of these unfortunate practices and notes that the Indian authorities are investigating the matter: De Commissie rapporteert jaarlijks in detail aan de lidstaten en het Europees Parlement over de voortgang van Turkije bij de naleving van de criteria voor de toetreding en over aanhoudende punten van zorg.

The underlying problems of the Landesbanken in need of rescue measures had been their lack of a sustainable business model, leading also to purchases of US sub-prime bonds whose riskiness had not been appropriately assessed. The supervisory measures taken by the competent authorities in Cyprus for influencing the direction of deposit interest rates do not appear to be contradictory with the acquis communautaire.

Turken willen niet bij EU vervolgvraag. Indeed, as referred to by the honourable Member of the European Parliament, several German banks, in particular some Landesbanken, had been rescued with taxpayer money.

Member States are expected to draw up in parallel and submit as soon as possible the youth-related parts of Operational Programmes which will be the basis for ESF and YEI financial support to the youth guarantee implementation. Could the delay of the MFF serve as an excuse for the delay in the preparation of partnership agreements by Member States?


In terms of advocacy, the Commission calls on all parties to the conflict to ensure safe and full access of health teams participating in the polio immunization campaign in Syria. As a private company, managed by professional staff, Sareb takes decisions independently in order to best fulfil its goals. Alle Mitgliedstaaten haben die Richtlinie in innerstaatliches Recht umgesetzt.

Switzerland, the USA and Australia are adopting or have adopted legislation with similar objectives. Concerning the applicability of public procurement rules, such rules apply in principle only to the award stage and do not include any obligation upon contracting authorities to intervene in case the projects awarded face debt sustainability problems.

De antwoorden van de Commissie op de opmerkingen van de Rekenkamer zijn in het document opgenomen. In order to bring high-level groups and key multipliers to Brussels, the Commission’s Visitors’ Centre works closely with the Representations in the Member States as they are best placed to identify these groups. Microfinance projects and their impact on child labour. Possibile violazione del regolamento UE n.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In addition, as a consequence of the statements in the report for of the German Federal Court of Auditors on the taxation of non-residents receiving German pensions, the German tax authorities started to systematically request non-residents receiving a German pension to also submit their tax declarations. It also shows that the Commission is not very critical regarding its own role, trivialises the outcomes in terms of error percentages, casts doubt on the measuring methods used by the Court of Auditors, and hardly or does not follow up at all many recommendations from previous years.

EU funding for Musicanta — a music school for Roma children and young people. Island apple snail in the Ebro Delta. This procedure will be implemented from endmacroeconomic conditions permitting.

What explanation does oecciones Commission have for the fact that it continues, in its answer to the written questions sartiri to it, to simply refer to its progress report? The European Union has been the biggest funder of rail infrastructure investments in Greece for decades, whilst it has no competence to finance maintenance of infrastructure.

The Commission considers that the Cyprus situation was unique, as was the way that the situation was dealt with.

How does the Commission intend to address the problems of air quality, in particular as there are cases where EU measures associated with its policy on climate and energy have, in places, worsened air quality, as a result of fuel choices, for example? The EU is consistently calling on the Russian authorities to ensure that detention conditions including pre-trial detention and police custody are in conformity with European and International standards.


The refund expenditure in euros is based on export licences requested, multiplying volumes by the amount of refund fixed for a given product at a given date.

However there are no specific rules at European level regarding job security of journalists. The financial-sector programme in favour of Spain supported the stabilisation and restructuring of the Spanish banking sector.

Does it believe that the reintroduction of razor wire is an attack on the safety of migrants and their right to apply for asylum in European territory?

German banks will be included in the forthcoming asset quality review and stress tests.

Disastrous ecological consequences of illegal gold mines in the rainforest. The target human population is young and middle-aged adults between the ages of 15 and Several European scientists are suggesting that we should eat bacteria to avoid becoming ill. Does the Commission agree that it is edscargar the democratically elected Members of the European Parliament in question and rendering their parliamentary work partially impossible by making their critical written questions part of a vicious circle and ultimately systematically dismissing them with one and the same meaningless tiovanni What is its position on the question of interest rates?

La Demoracia en 30 lecciones by Isa Witz on Prezi

Following the presentation of the report by this group, the Commission launched two public consultations, one on the recommendations of the group and one specifically on the independence of national audiovisual regulatory authorities.

This behavioural change is leading both public and private institutions to seek the regulation of issues relating directly to the protection of children on the Internet. Daarom heeft de Commissie herhaaldelijk benadrukt dat er eerder minder dan meer beperkingen op de media nodig zijn in Turkije.

A range of EU programmes offer support in this regard. Precarizzazione del giornalismo che sottopone gran parte dei lavoratori dell’informazione, collaboratori e freelance, a condizioni di lavoro e trattamenti economici inaccettabili. Its preservation is, and should remain, a priority objective of the European Union and its Member States.