Close-up Card Magic has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published by Louis Tannen, pages, Hardcover. Close-Up Card Magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Close-up card magic [Harry Lorayne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of playing card magic routines by Harry Lorayne.

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I tried to be as honest as possible in the review and mgic lies the trouble. My grandson is the budding magician and I’m glad that we found your website. Prediction Extraordinaire – I don’t like the method here, the effect is good; a double prediction.

Digging deep into magical history is all very well and good but he hasn’t even cracked the surface! Learn the secrets from the masters themselves! Refresh and try again. Robin Dawes rated it really liked it Apr 08, Out of this universe – In this version of Out of this world in which almost unbelievably no mention is made of Paul Curry the deck is dealt out not once, not twice, but a total of three times and shuffled so many times that people may lose the will to live before you get to the end.

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If I had the opportunity to buy this book again, I would pass it up. It was a slow night and about a half dozen or so young magicians came on down to hang out. I really hate these sort of tricks, It is, as Vernon would say, “showing how clever you are. I think it is Harry’s best book. In the foreword, Harry says Cardini read the manuscript.


It’s dull and plotless. Some will think he’s right on the mark, others will think he’s off-base. Magnetic Reversals – An interesting reversed card, prediction, location effect by Ken Krenzel which uses an interesting placement cut which is worth remembering, Lorayne fails to credit Henry Christ for his force yet again!


Related to Ouija Principle B. Benjamin G White rated it really liked it Oct 04, How many of them do you need? Simon Paxton rated it it was amazing Dec 17, As long as as an opinion is informed and intelligent, I enjoy reading a point of view that differ from my own and considering WHY I disagree with it. The moving pencil – An interesting psychological force which though doesn’t always work, does look extremely fair when it does.

Can’t say I care for dealing tricks, especially if the only outcome is a weak revelation. Effective card tricks you will do immediately, unique card tricks with which you will amaze your audience. The write up is ambiguous as Lorayne likes to call the top of face up fans the bottom card, which can cause headaches.

This is what good card magic is all about. I like the way in which the selection is taken and shuffled not cut into the deck by the spectator all while your back is turned. Stab Two – Interesting card stab effect using estimation.

Close-up Card Magic

Lorayhe the trick as written may be the only way to see how the patter works with jagic trick; insight which would THEN allow you to mess around with it. If I had just came out saying “This is a book largely filled with pick a card tricks with only a handful of belters along the way and as a whole I didn’t like it” you would have all mentioned the same handful of effects I’ve just mentioned above and said it was a fantastic book.


It uses an interesting key idea to keep track of the selected cards but there’s absolutely no plot! He does it when he cuts the cards. Simply control the two mates to the bottom and do the force, apparantly lay the face down selection close-uup the inserted face up card aside, do the force again and there you go.

I didn’t like this, too many illogical moments for me. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again.

Since in and out faros don’t have a place in the effects that Harry writes about in the book, Msgic can’t fault him for not going into greater detail. I do a version of Challenge Aces which I developed and use it all the time because there is so much magic there. If all Harry did was add the coins, I would call it a handling. This uses the faro shuffle to get a cheap revelation using another ‘indicator’ card.

D hharry entered by Denis Behr. I like alot of effects from this book.