La jalousie (French Edition) [Alain Robbe-Grillet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Le narrateur de ce récit un mari qui surveille sa femme. Tools, File , 5,3 MB, PDF · File , ,7. Published in , as the nouveau roman was rising on the Parisian literary scene, Alain Robbe-Grillet’s novel La Jalousie [Jealousy] produced in many of its .

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Even the “tangled skein” of insects buzzing around the lamp reveals itself, when observed at length by the husband, to be “describing more or less flattened ellipses in horizontal planes or at slight angles. Which sounds like a drag, but it’s not actually — as I said, it’s an intense little study of obsession nonetheless, unsettling and fascinating. Woman combs her hair. The lacquered table suddenly turns deep blue, like her dress, white floor and the sides robbe-grillt the bathtub.

The plot is actually good. I had to read this in French at university and did I struggle.

In a filmed interview last year with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist Robbe-Grillet’s influence on contemporary jalkusie art is enormousthe author ponders Hegel’s paradox that to say “Now it is day” cannot be wholly true if, a few hours later, one can equally truthfully declare “Now it is night,” and notes that, for Hegel, the only true part of the statements is the word now. Is he jealous of his married neighbour Franck whose wife never appears, because their young child is at home ill?

Construction workers repair a decaying bridge on the edge of the property. We are essentially lost in surface.

Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet

But he seems to know exactly what he is doing here and a certain dry humor about these contortions is certainly part of it. As Jealousy nears its end, A In the three-page story “The Dressmaker’s Dummy” which opens the collection Snapshots []we are shown a coffeepot, a robbe-vrillet table, a waxed tablecloth, a mannequin, and, crucially, a large rectangular mirror that reflects the room’s objects–which include a mirror-fronted wardrobe that in turn redoubles everything.


I will deal with you fairly, so you shouldn’t ever have to worry about money. Nothing strange about that. As with Franck’s car crash, posited and then erased, it seems that A We are silent eavesdroppers on the other side of the louvres. They are merely articles in motion, describing more or less flattened ellipses in horizontal planes or at slight angles, cutting the elongated cylinder of the lamp at various levels. Half the hair hangs down the back, the other lla pulls the other half over one shoulder.

Realism and the Ethics of Reading.

The woman known only as “A Confronted with La Jalousie ‘s unruliness, some critics in effect ignored it, proceeding with well-established modes of inquiry in an attempt to impose a fixed meaning on the text.

And oh, what minute and detailed descriptions!

Throughout the book, Robbe-Grillet associates her with the color green “green eyes. We seem to observe them through the louvres. It’s best we part company when we both return to Paris. Almost no emotion is demonstrated throughout the narrative, but the narrative itself is filled with microscopic detail — the angle at which cutlery is arranged on the table, the stains on the wall where millipedes have been squashed, the shape of the nearby banana fields and the number of banana plants in each row, the alignment of hands on the arms of chairs, the dew on a beverage glass.

The question of how to respond to La Jalousie —a question that the novel itself allegorizes or stages in several key scenes—is not just an intellectual or epistemological challenge but also an ethical one. A detached viewpoint, narration seemingly without narrator, moves through a house, coldly considering its details: Are we sure that the guy we think is her husband is also our eye?

LA Jalousie

He japousie with repetition. They seem to enjoy multiplying these choices, exchanging smiles, carried away by their enthusiasm, probably a little intoxicated by this proliferation View all 29 comments.

robbe-frillet The left hand, which loosely confines the hair between the wrist, the palm and the fingers, releases it for a second and then closes on it again, gathering the strands together with a firm, mechanical gesture, while the brush continues its course to the extreme tips of the hair.


Alan Robbe-Grillet was much influenced by both Camus and Sartre. The third lunch or perhaps the third recounting of the same lunch?

FF:FJIA French Literature IV

Alain Robbe-Grillet was a French writer and filmmaker. Leenhardt’s reading purports to make visible what in Frederic Jameson’s terms can be described as La Jalousie ‘s “material and referential preconditions “emphasis original.

There is rovbe-grillet suggestion that this narrator robbe-gril,et A. Realism and the Ethics of Reading Zahi Zalloua bio Published inas the nouveau roman was rising on the Parisian literary scene, Alain Robbe-Grillet’s novel La Jalousie [ Jealousy ] produced in many of its first readers a reaction of puzzlement and consternation.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I did not finish the book because I finally decided that there are thousands perhaps millions of books that I would prefer to read instead. I just wish I could say the same about you. Do they only seem culpable, because we as vicarious peeping jalouwie attribute blame to them? Goodreads helps you ,a track of books you want to read. Also, quelques questions techniques: It just sees and hears, then records the informations that come its way. The head must be shaken with tiny movements, imperceptible in themselves, but amplified by the mass of hair, creating gleaming, quickly vanishing eddies whose sudden intensity is reawakened in unlooked-for convulsions a little lower…lower still…and a little spasm much lower.

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The novel is saturated with a sense of geometry. Franck complains about car troubles, swats Simply astonishing: The detailed geometrical descriptions of the house and its inhabitants form its emotional nucleus: The repetitions sneak up on the reader making it unclear if something new is happening or if the narrator is going back into the moment. Contact Contact Jalousid Help.