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Are robot-assisted surgeons using the Da Vinci Surgical System “Cyborgs”?

Through dissolving human-machine boundaries, the ‘cyborg’ challenges traditional conceptions of embodiment. Thus, identifying a singular conception of what it means to be human may become increasingly impossible within a contemporary, cyborg-infused reality. The term cyborg has been appropriated within a mixture of utopian and dystopian accounts to describe various hybrid bodies; Haraway’s (1991) visions of …

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Encountering Cyborg Plants: Embodied Experiences of Vegetal Beings in Contemporary Science Fiction Art

In multispecies studies, the cognitive bias known as plant blindness can be identified within the environmental humanities, as critical animal studies have largely dominated much of multispecies discourse. However, theorists such as Michael Marder and Matthew Hall have recently brought to light the need for critical plant studies and the ethics and politics surrounding vegetal …