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Keynote #2: Dr Sara Wasson

Slow Lacerations: Time in Tissue Transfer Fantastika How do we show history, money, and surgical and pharmacological change intersecting with bodies? How do we express the times of transplantation, the temporalities of its many dimensions impacting human tissue and flesh and kinship? This paper considers recipient experience and of harvestee vulnerabilities and networks of predation that can feed …

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Are robot-assisted surgeons using the Da Vinci Surgical System “Cyborgs”?

Through dissolving human-machine boundaries, the ‘cyborg’ challenges traditional conceptions of embodiment. Thus, identifying a singular conception of what it means to be human may become increasingly impossible within a contemporary, cyborg-infused reality. The term cyborg has been appropriated within a mixture of utopian and dystopian accounts to describe various hybrid bodies; Haraway’s (1991) visions of …