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“As if I was already only a machine”: Posthumanism and the politics of techno-desire and fantasy in Ken Liu’s ‘Good Hunting’

Drawing on Deepika Bahri’s notion of the “reincarnative politics” of the so-called civilising mission of imperial colonialism, I will explore the redemptive anti-capital narrative in the evolution of the sexualised machine-woman from the hulijing, a fox-woman animal spirit, in Ken Liu’s acclaimed short story ‘Good Hunting.’ Yan, the hulijing, becomes trapped in her human body …

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‘The first six million years had been all fun and games’: Posthuman Curators and the Question Concerning Storage in Alastair Reynolds’ House of Suns and Slow Bullets

At the onset of Alastair Reynolds’ 2007 science fiction novel House of Suns, Campion, one of the primary protagonists of the novel, visits the Vigilance, who are curators of a vast interstellar archive, whereupon the means by which interstellar history is recorded, on a posthuman scale, is outlined. This process of data exchange is of …