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A (New) Weird Teratology: The tentacular monster as abcanny body in the work of China Miéville

The tentacled monster is a recognisable staple in the work of fantasy, horror and science fiction writers as a metaphor and motif for an invading “otherness” upon our established status quo. They simultaneously remind us of the wonders of our natural world but also defamiliarise it as something which is still significantly incomprehensible to us. …

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“The form of all things but devoid of form”: Transcending the Corporeal in the ecoWeird

This paper considers how ecoWeird texts frequently position an abandonment of anthropocentric thought alongside a transcendence of the physical body. A new generic term to encompass the corpus of ecologically-minded Weird fiction, the ecoWeird draws upon Timothy Morton’s theory of dark ecology in order to argue that the Weird historically dismantles the human/nonhuman binary. This …